Find Affordable Office Cleaning Services Near You

Hiring a professional office cleaning service is a necessary business expense. Learn how to save on affordable office cleaning services near you.

Hiring a professional cleaning service for your office is necessary. Overpaying is not necessary, however, as multiple high-quality office cleaning services are available at affordable prices now. Various service options and types of providers are also available, providing across-the-board benefits and flexibility in your choices.

Professional office cleaning companies employ trained experienced staff, which uses only the safest and most effective cleaning chemicals and supplies. This helps ensure your office stays in pristine shape all year-round. Prior to hiring a cleaning service, it is important to first understand all service packages and pricing plans. Learning how and where to spend your time researching narrows down these options to a few top providers near you. Continue reading to learn more about how to find affordable office cleaning services near you today.

Top Office Cleaning Services - Professional Options

Office cleaning services are available to perform a wide variety of business-based cleaning tasks now. These services are provided at a professional level, using only the highest quality cleaning supplies and solutions. Cleaning company staff members are trained and experienced in various types of commercial cleaning procedures. While some companies provide all-in cleaning, others only perform specialized tasks. Each service provider offers its own service packages and pricing plans, the latter of which are impacted by a vast array of factors.

Overview of Services Provided

Daily, weekly, and monthly cleanings are offered depending on each provider. Certain companies also offer short notice, specialized and/or emergency cleaning services when natural disasters, fires or accidents create dangerous messes in need of fast remediation. In fact, so many different types of commercial cleaners exist it might be hard to know which one to hire. Choosing the best provider for your needs therefore requires asking questions up front and spending time researching all available types in your area. 

Types of Office Cleaning Services

General office cleaning is the most fundamental and common type of service requested by businesses in the U.S. today. The tasks performed share many similarities to those performed by residential cleaning services, and include dusting various items and vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floors. General commercial cleaning services also typically include cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms as well as wiping down cabinets, door handles and more. A general cleaning is sometimes also referred to as a basic cleaning, which further includes collecting and disposing of office trash.

- Deep Cleaning and Deep Disinfection Services

Deep disinfection services are typically necessary for businesses where the office space is large and the employees on staff number one hundred or more. This type of service helps prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading and often includes the disinfection of every surface in the office. Deep disinfection services typically take several days to complete.

Deep cleaning services are akin to detailing services for an automobile. Typically, these services are performed twice per year, first in the spring and once more in autumn. Deep cleaning services include but are not limited to such tasks as:

  • Cleaning microwaves.

  • Cleaning corners and edges of floor trim, above doorways and edges of paintings.

  • Cleaning more intensively around computer desks and inside cubicles.

  • Occasionally includes windows.

- Windows and Specialty Cleaning Services

Most commercial cleaners charge separately for cleaning windows. Companies providing this service typically hire employees who are specifically trained to disinfect windows and make them shine streak-free. Blinds, carpet shampooing and upholstery cleaning are also often billed as additional charges outside the services included in basic packages.

- Secure Office Cleaning (plus additional types of services)

Secure commercial cleaners have clearance to clean government buildings. All cleaning staff is vetted via comprehensive background checks to meet the strictest federally mandated standards. This is necessary, especially when the office in need of cleaning contains sensitive and even classified information and/or devices. A few additional types of office cleaning companies (and an overview of the services they provide) include:

  • Green Commercial Cleaning (reduces number of harsh chemicals and supplies used; reduces water bill; extends life of carpets).

  • Commercial Emergency Response Cleaning (responds after vandalism, fires, natural disasters, floods, and accidents including sprinkler system malfunctions).

  • Post-Construction Commercial Cleaning (cleans after renovations and additions; helps your business open faster).

  • Sanitation Audit Services (required for food-serving businesses; ensures compliancy).

  • Moving In or Out (post-move or pre-move office cleaning; often includes disposal and hauling).

Benefits of Hiring an Office Cleaning Service

Benefits of hiring a commercial office cleaning service are multiple. You need your employees focused on their regular duties. While picking up after themselves to some degree is still needed, hiring a professional cleaning service eliminates the need for your employees to spend time performing duties outside their job descriptions. Hiring a commercial cleaner also saves you money. Instead of having a full-time cleaner on payroll you only pay for a cleaning service as needed.

Professional commercial cleaners are trained and experienced to do the best job possible. This prowess is needed to eliminate illness-causing germs and bacteria. Your regular employees have neither the time nor the expertise required to clean your office this effectively. Cleaning companies also work quickly and mitigate outbreaks of mildew of mold in the process. Finally, a clean, healthy-feeling office creates a favorable impression on your employees and visitors to your business alike. This is especially important for first impressions on new customers and clients as well as overall employee morale.

Frequency of Office Cleaning Services

Some businesses hire a cleaning service to clean its offices weekly. Many have basic cleaning performed every business day. Deep cleaning services are recommended bi-annually. Disinfecting services are also recommended bi-annually (especially during flu season), every time an outbreak of the flu or other virus is in the area or whenever an employee gets sick.

Nationwide Office Cleaning Provider Brands

Anago Cleaning Systems brands itself as the superior choice for commercial cleaning. Headquartered in Florida, this provider operates more than 1,700 locations nationwide and in Canada. 24/7 services are offered, all of which include the proprietary Anago Total Satisfaction Guarantee. Anago also offers electrostatic disinfection, which is widely accepted as the fastest and most comprehensive way to disinfect any type of office space available.

Jani-King is another poplar commercial cleaning provider brand in the U.S. today. This company operates a global enterprise of 9,000 franchises and is one of the oldest commercial cleaning services in the country. Several other top-tier nationwide office cleaning provider brands in operation today include:

Average Costs for Office Cleaning Services

Average costs for hiring an office cleaning service vary per provider, type and frequency of cleaning needed and size of your office space. Many providers set their rates based on square footage. Prices range between $.05 and $.20 per square foot or more. Hourly rates range between $20 and $75 per hour (although $25-$60 per hour is more common). Some providers offer flat-rate pricing, which might range between $500 and $5,000 per month depending on the size of the office space. Please note: Emergency response, secure and sanitation audit services typically cost more. Be certain to inquire about all pricing plans prior to hiring a provider to eliminate the potential for surprise charges on your final bill.