Office Furniture Liquidation and Removal Services

Office furniture liquidation involves removing surplus furniture and items from your office. Read about office furniture liquidation and removal services.

Office furniture liquidation involves the removal of surplus furniture and other items from your business. Office furniture liquidation is done for a wide variety of reasons including office relocation, business closings, expansions and furniture upgrades. Some business owners consider handing office decommissioning as a DIY process. This is a likely mistake most people regret, however. Office furniture liquidation is a time-consuming, burdensome and tedious process to take on without any professional assistance. Read ahead for a helpful guide to finding office furniture liquidation and removal services near you.

Office Furniture Liquidation 101

Office furniture liquidation, also referred to as office furniture decommission, involves the discarding of excess, unwanted, unneeded or unsafe furniture and other items from your company inventory. The latter is a simple definition and explanation for what is perhaps an unexpectedly complicated process for business owners who already encumbered by the demands of daily business operations. In modern times it is necessary to conserve your office staff and resources for operational priorities. While it might seem frugal to attempt a furniture liquidation process as a DIY project, doing so often ends up costing you more valuable time and money in the end.

The depth and intensity of a furniture liquidation process are each largely dependent on the reason(s) you initiated the process in the first place. Damaged, dysfunctional or unsafe items might simply need to be disposed of and replaced. While this is still a time-consuming and challenging process it is not nearly as complicated and involved as what is required for office remodeling, relocation or restoration projects. Your best bet as a business owner is almost always to hire a professional office furniture liquidation service to handle the job safely and effectively on your behalf.

Here’s What an Office Furniture Liquidator Service Does

Office furniture liquidation is a multi-faceted process for even the simplest of scenarios. A professional office furniture liquidator service handles all facets of the process for you so your time is available for normal daily business operations without disruption. Office furniture consists of more than computer chairs and break-room or cafeteria dining furniture. Cubicles are often heavy and cumbersome. Employee desks are frequently fastened into the floors and walls and wiring is consolidated into protective tubes. Conference room tables are large and heavy as are most typical appliances and furniture found in break-rooms and lounges.

An office furniture liquidator service disassembles or dismantles all furniture designated for decommissioning. Inventory of all excess furniture is recorded. Pictures or videos are taken of all furniture for sales or insurance purposes. Nationwide advertising and marketing of all furniture and items for sale is handled, as is product evaluation for employee or open-market sales. Furniture and items are wrapped, packed and loaded for transportation. Applicable items are stored offsite in a warehouse or another appropriate storage location. Decommissioned spaces are then swept with a broom or vacuumed. Files are either stored or shredded as needed.

An office furniture liquidator service helps determine the market value of all decommissioned items. Potential demand for, along with the quality, condition, color and material of the decommissioned items is assessed. An office furniture liquidator service also provides quality control services pursuant to sales. For example, only reasonable and fair offers made for your items will be accepted. In the event any of your decommissioned furniture or other items do not sell, the office furniture liquidator service helps donate them to charity or store them in perpetuity as agreed in advance via your service contract.

Perhaps the most important service provided by an office furniture decommissioning company is peace of mind. As a business owner you simply do not have time to spend cleaning, wrapping, moving, marketing and negotiating prices for your decommissioned items. Hiring a professional service to handle the process saves you time and money, while also preventing significant stress.

Top Reasons You Might Need a Furniture Liquidation Service

If your business is closing altogether you likely have no more use for most items in your office space. Provided your office furniture and items are in functional shape there is no reason to not sell them and recuperate as much money as possible. Office relocation is another reason to hire a furniture liquidation service. Office furniture is assembled with multiple complicated components and requires specific efforts and tools to disassemble, package, move and reassemble. This process often needs to be completed quickly for regular business operations to continue on with minimal disruptions.

Perhaps your business is expanding and you need to add square footage or additional floors to your office space. Office remodels or the reorganizing of employee offices and cubicle locations are also common. Even breaking down and moving cubicles from one office to another is a major undertaking for which you and your employees are likely neither qualified nor insured. Finally, sometimes your office furniture simply needs an upgrade. This could be because it is outdated or because it is damaged. Either way, a professional furniture liquidator service knows how to handle the process safely and within your budget.

Nationwide Office Furniture Liquidator Companies

Top office furniture decommissioning services exist around the country. You need a professional service with transparent, affordable, guaranteed pricing and an excellent customer service record. Some of the top nationwide office furniture liquidator companies available today include:

Average Costs

Average costs for hiring an office furniture liquidator company range between $750 and $30,000 depending on the size and difficulty of the job and your location. Liquidating a 1,500-square foot office costs between $750 and $4,500 on average, whereas a 10,000-square foot office space liquidation costs between approximately $5,000 and $30,000. Hourly prices might cost around $100 per hour per truck and three movers or $150 per hour with two trucks and up to five movers. When furniture or items are put up for sale, a percentage of the sales prices is commonly also charged.

Special Deals and Free Tips for a Stress-Free Office Move

Many furniture liquidator companies offer free estimates and fast online quotes in five minutes or less. Prices might be reduced if you are hiring a company to liquidate multiple locations or are a repeat customer. Sliding scales might be created with lower sales percentages or fees charged for higher-dollar items when sold. A few free tips for a stress-free office move include:

  • Hire a professional decommissioning service.
  • Assess your needs and office item values in advance
  • Compare prices to find the best rates.
  • Explore alternate methods to sell office furniture such as Craigslist, Facebook, eBay, Shopify and
  • Have contingency plans in place if items do not sell at all.