On Demand Moving For All Your Moving Needs

On-demanding moving is a new trend in the gig economy. Learn about all the perks of hiring an on-demand mover and popular on-demand moving apps.

On-demanding moving is one of the newest examples of the gig economy. With on-demand moving, you can quickly hire a team of movers to help you move. Hiring a mover is easy. There are a number of apps you can use to locate a mover in your area. You provide the movers with the pickup and drop off locations and a photo and brief description of what you need moved. Once your information is submitted, the movers respond with a price, either offering a flat fee or hourly rate based on the complexity of the move.

On-demand movers handle all of the work for you. Not only do they pick up the items, but they also provide a vehicle to move it, without any extra charges. You do not even need to be present at either location. Listed below are some of the best times and benefits for on-demand movers, as well as a list of recommended movers.

Convenience of On-Demand Movers

The biggest benefit of using an on-demand mover is convenience. Moving is normally difficult and time consuming, especially for larger projects. Through the app, you can track the progress of the movers, ensuring the job is getting done. While on-demand movers are gig workers, they are all employed through a company. Like with traditional moving companies, if your possessions are damaged during the move, the company takes responsibility. Companies are selective about who they hire. They also track each job, so you do not have to worry about a stranger signing up for the app to steal your possessions.

Saving Money with On-Demand Movers

Another benefit of on-demand moving is the price. Hiring traditional moving companies is normally expensive, with many charging hundreds of dollars. Most of these companies only handle largescale jobs, such as moving into a new house or apartment. Smaller services may be available, but there is usually a minimum service charge you must pay.

In comparison, on-demand movers charge primarily based on the type of job and distance involved. If you only need a mover to pickup a bulky item a few blocks away, you do not have to pay for a minimum of two hours, plus additional service charges. It is also much less expensive than hiring a rental truck. Rental trucks themselves may not initially seem expensive, but there are plenty of hidden charges, such as paying for fuel or receiving additional charges based on mileage. Even if a truck rental service starts at $25, it can quickly skyrocket to $125 with all the extra expenses.

The exact price for an on-demand mover greatly varies based on your needs and which app you use. There is also more negotiation, which can change the price. On average, you can expect to pay around $30 to $75 an hour.

Same Day Moving

Traditional moving companies rarely provide same day moving services. Normally, you must schedule an appointment at least a week in advance. You are also required to provide a time. Most moving companies offer a broad delivery window based on the time provided, meaning you may end up waiting several hours before the movers arrive. They also require you to be on the premise, taking up most of your day.

On-demand movers are available the same day and work around your schedule. Many apps provide movers within 15 minutes of your initial request. This is especially helpful for unexpected moves, such as needing to replace a broken kitchen appliance or other bulky item around the house.

Smaller Scale Deliveries

Moving is most commonly associated with changing homes, but there are plenty of other circumstances where you need a mover. Many customers hire an on-demand mover for smaller pickup, such as buying a large item from Craigslist or Facebook markets. With these jobs, you can send the on-demand mover a link to the listing, letting them know exactly what item you want and where to find it. You can also hire an on-demand mover to help pick up larger purchases from stores, such as furniture or a new bed, as well as removing junk from your home. While delivery is normally included with these items, it typically costs much more than paying for an on-demand driver.

Popular On-Demand Moving Apps

  • GoShare is a popular on-demand moving app because it provides clients with a number of options. Delivery prices are largely determined by the type of vehicle you need, with the app listing options for box trucks, cargo vans, pick up trucks and couriers. Each vehicle includes a basic description of how much size is available. For example, the cargo van is recommended for studio apartments or one to four big box items.

  • Another popular on-demand moving app is Dolly. Dolly places a greater emphasis on same day delivery. They are also partnered with many businesses, making it easy to coordinate your pickup orders. They also have special options if you want to drop off your items to a nonprofit service.

  • If you live in California, Washington or New York, you can hire movers from Lugg. Lugg prides itself on efficiency, ensuring every job has a minimum of two movers. The app has special options for removing junk, as well as coordination with local online sellers. Lugg is one of the newer apps, but they are quickly expanding to other states.

  • TaskRabbit is another app you can use for on-demand movers. TaskRabbit is a unique app. In addition to helping with moving, there are also options to hire assistants to help you with projects around the house, such as mounting a television or assembling furniture.