Guide to Online Education in Coding

Obtaining an online education in coding provides a stable future in a popular growing field. Read an informative guide to online education in coding today.

Having some degree of computer skills is essential for most people in modern times. The COVID-19 pandemic forced even the most unlikely candidates to adapt to online virtual environments for learning, working and even socializing. Careers in IT and other computer-reliant fields are expected to remain in an elevated state of demand for a significant amount of time. Obtaining an advanced education in computer coding is an excellent way to secure stable employment in a rapidly growing vocational field.

Coding involves the creation of instructions in various computer-programming languages. Coding is used to build websites, create apps, run important business software and much more. What does a career in coding offer? What are the starting salary ranges for people with coding degrees post-graduation? Read ahead for an informative guide to online education opportunities in coding today.


What Is Coding?

Coding involves the creation of instructions in various computer-programming languages to create specific results. When a computer processes any type of data it is doing so based on instructions programmed deep inside its system hierarchy. Coding is the way humans speak to computers, and how computers speak to each other. Coding is also the way in which computers speak to their internal programs, applications and functions.

Websites, computer/phone apps, business software, operating systems and so much more all rely on coding to operate properly. It is possible to parallel the function and importance of coding to certain elements of a house. Coding for computer programs is similar to concrete beneath a home or the frame inside its walls. Therefore, coding is the foundation upon which IT, cyber security and other computer-reliant careers are built.

What Does a Coding Career Offer You?

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many unlikely candidates to acclimate to online virtual environments for school, work and even visiting with family. Countless medical and physical therapy appointments are also facilitated via distance-based Telehealth services in 2021. The surging use of virtual environments for daily living purposes creates a demand for highly educated coding employees in multiple fields.

A career in coding provides financial stability. It offers highly valued positions in one of the most rapidly expanding professional fields in the nation. Careers in all computer-reliant fields are expected to remain in significantly high demand for the foreseeable future. The loop of coding opportunities appears endless. Modern consumers demand frequent updates, upgrades and improvements to the products they purchase. The more any required technology is implemented, the more coders are needed to maintain and expand it. A career in computer coding offers you the chance to secure stable employment in a necessary and rapidly expanding vocational field.

Types of Jobs Available in Coding

Website development positions are the most popular type of jobs available in the overall coding profession. Web design involves front-end, back-end and full-stack coding. A website developer, more commonly called a web designer, programs the coding used to create personal, business, educational and other websites. The average starting salary for post-graduate web designers ranges from approximately $36,000 to $51,000 per year. Additional jobs available in computer coding and their approximated respective starting salary ranges include:

  • Data scientist/engineer ($67k-$96k)

  • Mobile developer ($50k-$70k)

  • Consumer/user experience designer ($54k-$77k)

  • System administration ($50k-$66k)

  • Quality control/assurance engineering ($52k-$71k)

  • Product management ($67k-$98k)

  • DevOps ($65k-$96k)

How Long to Complete a Coding Certificate/Degree Program?

Several effective paths to completing an education in coding are available. Self-study is a popular method for learning coding. This method takes between six and twelve months to complete. Its popularity is based on affordability and scheduling flexibility. A computer science degree requires two, four or more years to complete depending on the level of degree you are pursuing. Coding bootcamp programs (certificate programs) take approximately three to six months to complete. Coding bootcamp programs are highly popular because they offer:

  • Shorter paths to extensive learning.

  • Access to the same resources as a full degree program.

  • Lower tuition than full degree programs. 

Top Online Schools for a Coding Education

The top online schools for a coding education offer a wide variety of certificates and degree programs in 2021. Are you looking for one of the top online bachelor’s degree programs for coding available today? The Western Governors University Bachelor of Science Software Development program might be for you. Do you prefer an expedited coding bootcamp program? The Coding Dojo provides a 14-week path to becoming a developer. Are you still uncertain about a career in coding and want to test the waters for free before committing to a full, paid program? Coursera offers popular, free online coding programs today. More top online schools for a coding education include:

Coding School Costs & Financial Aid

Coding school costs vary greatly based on the type of certificate/degree you are pursuing, school tuition policies and the state in which you live. For example, coding bootcamps cost approximately $5,000 to $20,000 and up. A master’s degree in computer science at an elite school might cost $100,000. Expect to pay a total cost ranging from $5,000 to $70,000 on average, however, depending on the level of education you obtain.

Financial aid might be available to pay some or all of your coding school expenses. Federal Pell Grants help qualified students experiencing financial hardship pay for school. Multiple financial aid options might also be available when you submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Private grants/funding through charities and churches are sometimes awarded to qualified coding students. Schools sometimes offer scholarship/grant programs to qualified applicants as well.