Best Rated Apps for Organization

Have you or a loved one ever thought about making your lives a little more organized? Read below to find out how organizational apps can benefit your daily life.

For most people there are simply just not enough hours in the day, and even less when disorganization is thrown into the mix. Disorganization within a household can lead to issues such as dead plants, chores going undone, meals not being prepped, financial issues, and a whole host of other things. Luckily, modern times have come up with modern solutions to organizational issues: Apps. Like everything else in the world there are apps, or applications, that help keep you digitally organized at home and while you are away from home. Here are seven organizational apps that will help you stay on track and keep your house, and life, running smoothly.

Plan to Eat

For many, meal prep is something they struggle with weekly. Sitting down, writing out what they will eat, then making the food, is just too much of a hassle and time-consuming. Fortunately, the app Plan to Eat can help. Plan to Eat is a meal preparation app that takes the time out of preparing shopping lists and menus, and cuts the time spent meal prepping in half. With Plan to Eat you can collect recipes from many different sources such as blogs, cookbooks, and other meal prep sites. This app will also allow you take your collected recipes and drop them into a calendar within the app. This automatically creates a shopping list based on what is needed for the recipes. With a free month trial, and $40 a year thereafter, this app is worth the price. 


Household chores take time and trying to remember who does what or who did what adds on to that time significantly. And the toll of keeping a regular routine takes time as well.  This is where the S’moresUp app comes in handy. This app is designed to make chores and your routine a more organized affair. Set up chore lists and monitor allowances through the app as well as use the calendar to schedule upcoming events and activities. The app is $5 a month, however, there is a free version that has a more limited range of capabilities and functions. Overall, S’moresUp is a good app to keep your mind free of worrying about what to do and when. 


Looking to make your weekly trips to the grocery store a little more streamlined and organized? Anylist is the perfect app to do just that, as it helps you make out your grocery list. This app has a predictive text feature to help speed up searches as well as the ability to group grocery items together that are of the same type of category (like vegetables, fruit, meat, and dairy items). A key feature many users love about this app is the ability to save recipes to the app, then generate a shopping list based on the items needed for that recipe. This feature makes meal prep and grocery shopping a simple and easy process. The only thing you must do is go get the groceries from the generated list and cook. 

Happy Plant

Everyone has been in this situation at one point or another: you buy a cute little house plant, get it home, then promptly forget its existence. Luckily for all those forgetful house plant owners there is an app that can help.  Happy Plant is an app that will notify you when it is time to water your plants. The app takes it a step further by making these notifications to water your plant almost game-like in nature, so you are not likely to forget. Another interesting feature about the app is that it allows you to upload photos of your plant which will then, over time be transformed into a time-lapse video of your plant growing. There is also an option to name your plants which many find an endearing feature to the app. 

North Star

Setting goals and reaching goals are things people struggle with in their daily life. Whether that be setting new health and dietary goals or keeping track of projects and progression, the app North Star can help. This app has been praised for its interface as well as how easy it is to track personal goals and projects. Many people use this app to help keep track of their household savings as well as use it to help set up better habits. There is a free trial for North Star but once it ends the price is $5 a month or $50 for a lifetime membership. 


Budgeting can be hard, especially if that budget is already tight. For those who are having a hard time keeping finances in order, the app YNAB (You Need a Budget) is an app for you. With YNAB you can keep track of your finances as well as help you set goals and reach said goals. This app can be used single or with a spouse/ partner to help keep track of all the finances for a better grasp of the financial situation you are in. The app also offers an extensive selection of online workshops to attend that can also help you to form better financial habits and practices. 


Keeping track of all the activities and duties within a household is challenging if not nearly impossible for some. There are meals to plan, lists to make, chores to dish out, etc... Luckily there is an app that keeps track and helps with all these things. Cozi is an app that creates meal plans, grocery lists, chore lists, to-do lists, and it even has a spot to keep an online journal. This app is perfect for a hectic household, and it is totally free to use which is perfect for anyone on a budget.