Make Your Move Easy With Expert Packing Services

Do you need help packing for your next move? Continue reading to learn how to make your move easy with expert packing services today.

Moving is one of the proven major stressors in life. One aspect of moving capable of turning your move into a failure or success is the process of packing. If packing and organizing are not strengths for you, or if packing is liable to cause you even more additional stress, you might want to consider hiring a professional packing service.

Expert packing services handle as much or as little of the packing process as you are comfortable delegating. Some service providers offer more customizable packages than others, but all understand the delicacy and importance of handling your possessions with the utmost amount of professionalism and care. Continue reading to learn how to make your move easy with expert packing services today.


Packing and Organizing - Different but the Same

Organization is an important part of a healthy life. Even creatives benefit from elements of organization in their lives, either to balance out the chaos or to provide a structure inside which creativity can thrive. Many dream interpretations recognize a building and the rooms inside it as a symbol of the mind. Cluttered rooms and unkempt houses essentially equate to cluttered minds or an aspect of life requiring imminent organization. 

Moving is already stressful enough without your valuable possessions breaking due to poor packing strategies or items getting misplaced when you need them the day you move in. Creating a logical and organized packing strategy is vital to the success of your move. Even more importantly, taking these steps is also important to your mental health, relationship (if applicable) and overall convenience. Organizing your packing strategy also saves you time and reduces the type of serious stress liable to cause lack of focus at work, as a parent, student or otherwise.

What Does a Professional Packing Service Do?

The primary functions of a professional packing services are to safely and securely pack your possessions, move them to your new home and unpack them once they arrive. These functions are generally provided by a full-service expert packing company. Some packing services are included when you hire a full-service moving company. Partial packing services handle only the items you choose to not handle on your own and leave the rest for you. No-packing services simply load your items into a moving truck and unload them into your new home without packing or unpacking a single box. Ultimately, the choice is your regarding which type of service to hire. Some of the services and tasks provided by full and partial packing services include:

  • Consultation regarding your needs, number of possessions, and details about the move (distance, step count, number of floors, packing materials needed, restrictions, costs and more).

  • Provision of packing materials (which might or might not be included in the base price).

  • Discussion about the handling of fragile, heavy and specialized items).

  • Creation of a room-by-room or house-wide packing plan and strategy.

  • Implementation of the agreed-upon packing strategy.

  • Loading of packed items into moving truck.

  • Unloading of packed items into new home.

  • Unpacking of items as agreed-upon in your service contract.                                      

Types of Moves for Packing Services

Packing services are available for a wide variety of types of moves. The type of service you need to hire depends on the specifics of your situation and details of your move. For example, both residential and commercial packing services are operating nationwide. Long-distance and small-move (local) moving and packing services are also available. Does your move require the transportation of a second or third vehicle? Auto transportation companies handle this type of situation specifically. Self-service moving companies only drive the moving truck and neither pack, unpack, load nor unload your items. Specialty moving and packing companies provide services for moving specialty items. These items are commonly expensive, highly valuable, fragile, heavier than normal or abnormally sized.

Professional Packing Services - Common Materials Required

Specific materials are required when you hire a professional packing service. This is especially true when you are packing and moving fragile, highly valuable or custom-crate items. While it is possible to provide your own packing materials and save yourself a little money, you will cost yourself a lot of time and maybe even some risk. For example, do you sincerely know what type of packing will best protect your piano, antique chandelier, or artwork? You might, but if you have any doubt, it is best to ask the packing service to provide what is needed. Common packing materials required for packing and moving include:

  • Sturdy boxes.

  • Strong tape.

  • Packing paper.

  • Paper pads.

  • Bubble wrap.

  • Tarps.

  • Furniture covers.

  • Markers.

  • Stabilizers.

  • Protective blankets.

  • Floor mats.

  • Plastic sheets and covers.

Typical Costs

The costs for hiring an expert packing service vary based on the size of your home, details of the services requested and your location. National averages might not accurately reflect the prices in New York or San Francisco (which might be higher) or rural areas in less affluent areas (which might be lower). Packing services also tend to charge in packaged tiers when packing items for an entire home or including packing services as part of a full-service moving provider. As a national average, hiring a packing service for a one-bedroom home might cost between $300 and $400 if you provide your own boxes, or $500 if boxes are needed. A packing service for a two-bedroom home might cost between $500 and $600 (w/o box purchases) of $700 (w/box purchases). Average pricing tiers increase up to $1,000 or more (w/o box purchases) or $1,200+ (w/box purchases) for a four-bedroom home. 

When hiring a partial packing service for only one room or a few items you might get billed at an hourly rate instead of a package price. A minimum number of hours might be billed (likely 2-3), which includes a specific number of movers/packers. One-to-two packers for a partial service might cost between $150 and $250. Three-to-four movers will likely cost $250 to $400 or more, and so on. All things considered, the entirety of the costs for hiring a packing and unpacking service might cost anywhere between $150 and $4,000 depending on the nature and distance of your move and services required.

Specials and Deals

Some packing services offer specials and deals on their pricing. Full-service moving companies might include packing services at a discount or at no additional charge in the price for the entire move. Maryland Movers is currently offering free recycled boxes upon request. If your full-service moving package is large enough, your moving/packing company might waive the charge for all provided packing materials. Finally, many professional packing services offer free consultations and estimates as a strategy for winning your business.

Best Nationwide Packing Service Companies

The best expert packing service companies offer a combination of friendly pricing, deals on packing materials and a reliable reputation. Local moving companies provide packing services. Nationwide companies are also available in your area. Online search sites such as Task Rabbit and Angi help you locate both local and national services near you. The best nationwide packing service companies in business today include: