Party Equipment Rental Services

Looking to rent party equipment and do not know where to start? Keep reading to find out common types of party rentals, types of rental services, and their costs.

Hosting a party can be a daunting task when faced with the responsibility of gathering all the necessary party equipment needed to make the event a success. Whether you are hosting a business luncheon, a casual gathering, birthday party or wedding, you want to make it memorable to leave a long-lasting impression on all your guests. Part of the equation of hosting an excellent party is ensuring that everything is up to par, from the party venue to the food, and the furniture. That said, buying new tables and chairs every time you host a party is not ideal or financially feasible.

The good news is that many rental companies offer all types of rental services, so you are covered on that front. Event rentals often include tables, chairs, and tents, among other types of furniture. Paying for a rental service takes the pressure off you, the host, to both purchase everything and either partake in or assign the manual labor involved in setting up party equipment. Most event planners will opt for party equipment rental services, and for good reason. 

Types of Party Rentals

Depending on the type of event you are planning, the type of party rentals will vary. But, for the most part there are several main types of standard party rentals, and a few that are most often used for events. These items include tableware, tables, chairs, tents, linens, lighting, and glassware.

Tents provide your guests with enough shade on hot, sunny days, or provide a more intimate feel, creating an interior appearing space even when an event is outside. The two standard frames people often opt for tent rentals are tension tents and frame tents. Tents are often available in several sizes to suit the size of your gathering. 

Another popular party rental is tables, as if you have plans to serve food at an event, you need to ensure that you have enough table space for your events. This means the right quantity, table shape, and length should be chosen to suit your event. Additionally, many also opt to rent chairs, linens, tableware, and lighting, and even possibly bounce houses for parties. Bounce houses are a great way to encourage children to stay social at an event, and rental services largely depend on your location.

Types of Table Rental Services

When searching for party equipment rentals, it is important to remember that not one size fits all. A certain event may call for one type of table while another one requires one of a different shape and setup. The standard five types of table people often opt for are as follows:

Round tables are typical in formal events such as weddings, dinners, anniversaries, or fundraisers. The conventional shape allows everyone to see one another at the table and often, change the angle of their seat to view a speaker. For a 48-inch round table, the cost is roughly $6 to $7. For a 60-inch table, it would be around $8 to $9. For an even larger 72-inch table, it will cost $10 to $12. 

Cocktail tables are a perfect choice for those who want to set up around a bar area or dance floor. This option allows for more movement. Renting a cocktail table will cost around $7.50 per table. 

Pedestal tables are designed for standing events like networking or receptions. So, if your function does not include a full meal, but rather snacks and chatting, this is a good fit. This costs roughly $14 per table, depending on the height.

Rectangular tables are excellent for casual events like picnics, sports banquets, birthday parties and family reunions. For a simple, casual get together that may even be in your own backyard, opt for rectangular tables. These are likely the least expensive, at roughly $13.50 a table.

Crescent tables are kidney-shaped, and often used in small-group-type meetings. They are often seen in an academic or professional setting, so would be best for conferences or professional gatherings. These tables are also excellent for children’s activities, as they provide an abundance of space for crafts and games. Crescent tables start at around $16 per table to rent.

Types of Chair Rental Services

Like tables, there are several chairs that rental services provide that are appropriate for different occasions. 

The first of the three most commonly used chairs at events is the stackable, lightweight plastic chair. This is seen at many large events from graduations to ceremonies. The average cost for these chair rentals is $1.50 to $2.00 per chair.

The Chiavari chair is a step more upscale, perfect for formal events like weddings. It offers a more embellished, put together look and the average cost to rent these is $7.00 to $9.00 depending on the rental company.

Finally, a resin or wooden chair with a pad is an option for events that are not as formal as a wedding, but still deserve a chair choice that is on the nicer side. They also provide more comfort for guests who will be seated much of the time. The average rental cost for resin or wooden chairs is $3.00 to $5.00.

Fees Involved in Rental Services

Rental services also typically come with an abundance of add on services for additional fees. While these may be helpful to the event itself, it is important to be aware of the different fees involved in rental services. Extra set-up charges for additional chairs can quickly add up and be around 30 cents per chair. And, with rising gas prices, there will most likely be a fuel charge for delivery, determined by the distance traveled by the rental company. Polyester or glossy silk covers will also come at an additional charge, as well as linens of different sizes. Additionally, if a mishap occurs and the equipment is lost or damaged, you will likely be charged for the repair or substitution as well, depending on the company. 

How to Find Party Rental Services Locally

Unlike many other commodities the average consumer enjoys, party rentals are not one that can be simply purchased on Amazon, but rather must be discovered locally. To find a party rental service locally, one can simply search on Google or any other popular search engine for a party rental service near you. If you are looking for specific services like set-up, cleaning or a specific type of table or chair, it is best to also put this in the search engine as it will allow for more specific results.