Find The Best People Search Services

Have you been searching for a friend or family member you lost touch with? Learn more about people search services in this handy guide.

Are you looking for a long-lost friend or family member? Often, people lose hope they will ever be able to connect with a friend they once knew or a family member they may have never met before. However, courtesy of special online people searches tools, it is easier than ever to locate people. In this guide, you will learn how to find people using multiple online methods, where to find free people search services, and where to find detailed people search services for a fee. 

How to Find People Online

If you have lost touch with an old classmate, a childhood friend, a distant relative, finding them can be easier than you think. Consider using one of the following online methods of finding and rekindling lost connections:

Social Media 

In most cases, you can find a lost friend or family member simply by searching their full name on social media. The most popular websites may be Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You may have the most luck with Facebook, and it allows you to narrow down your search parameters by hometown, attended schools, workplaces, and various other factors. At first, it is best to keep your search broad as many people do not enter personal details into their profiles. 


When you are searching for a lost person, search engines may be a helpful tool. They will take your keywords and search hundreds of websites and platforms for that specific name or other details. At the very least, it may give you further important information you can use later in your search. For instance, you may discover that your friend or family member attended a particular high school. While that may not be pertinent to finding them immediately, it is a significant clue you can use during other search methods. 

Government Records 

Depending on your state, you may be able to access specific government records for the individual. For instance, in some states, you can look up warrants or arrest records, court records, marriage records, or death records. Although this may not indicate where the individual is now or how you contact them, it may provide you with further clues to aid your search. 

Online People Search Tools

If you have or have gathered a significant amount of information about your lost friend or family member, you can use an online search tool to find them. These types of websites aggregate personal information from specific, public sources and provide reports.

In most cases, the website will call this service a detailed background check upon an individual. You can find out information concerning criminal offences, traffic violations, marriage licences, and more. In this way, online people search tools are more sophisticated than the types of people search services.

Although many of these services are free, you may have to pay a fee to receive extra or detailed information about the individual. Since it can be one of the most convenient ways to locate someone, and receive information on them, it can be well worth the small rate. 

Free People Search Services 


WhitePages is one of the most recognized people finders on the internet. The basic services are absolutely free and provide you with a sufficient amount of information such as name, phone number, and address. You can search for someone even if you only have their last name.


CocoFinder scans the internet and finds out all the available information on someone. They can find a current address, past addresses, criminal records, traffic violations and accidents, and scam and fraud ratings. 

Family Tree Now

Family Tree Now is an excellent free option whether you have limited or extensive information about the individual. You can use one piece of valuable information such as a name or phone number, or you can use multiple search data to receive accurate results.


Pipl is beneficial if you have an individual's first name, last name, and location. You can easily find out their current address and even their phone number. If you require more information, you may have to click on a few links to access the data. 

Fast People Search 

Fast People Search can provide you with a great number of personal details such as full name, current and previous addresses, current and past phone numbers and email addresses, birthday, and more.

Best Paid People Search Services 


Price: $19.95 per month 

Intelius is a user-friendly people search service where you can find maiden name, phone number, age, address, criminal records, financial records, amongst other important information. All you need to run your search is a name and a location. Their subscriptions are quite low cost, starting at only $19.95 per month. 

Been Verified 

Price: $22.86 per month

Been Verified is another excellent option for a wide variety of report details. It can even show you small details such as motor vehicle registrations and employment history.

How to Sign Up for People Search Services  

If you are using the basic, free search options on various websites, you may not have to sign up for an account. For instance, you can find and use the basic search functions on Whitepages easily. Yet, if you wish to pay for a one-time detailed report or wish to subscribe for a monthly fee, you will need an account.

In most cases, signing up for people's search services is easy. All you need to do is run your first, basic search. Any detailed information will show up as hidden. Here, you will be prompted to sign up for an account and choose a service. 

When you sign up, you will be promoted to fill out your basic personal and contact information. In some cases, you may be able to fill out a detailed profile on yourself to aid anyone who may be looking for you! However, the main advantage of a paid report or a subscription service website is to have 

access to larger amounts of data on individuals. In this way, you can not only find the individual you are looking for, but you can also find out if the connection is worth rekindling. Moreover, you can use these tools on an ongoing basis to find more lost connections.