Find Professional Organizers Near You

Professional organizers help organize your home & entire aspects of your life. Read information on how to find professional organizers near you today.

When your finances are in need of attention due to increased debt or a need to save more money, you hire a financial advisor. Your finances are crucial to your quality of life, and you treat them as such. Prioritizing the cleanliness and energy flow in your home is no less important, so why do so many Americans fail to prioritize personal/domestic organization? The truth is the daily lives of most U.S. residents are already overflowing with responsibilities. Who has the time to organize in 2021?

Professional organizers are available to help you today. What is a professional organizer and what do they do? How does one hire a professional organizer and what hourly prices are common in 2021? Professional organizers do more than declutter your home. They help organize multiple aspects of your life, so you are able to spend more time enjoying it. Read ahead for useful and thought-provocative information about how to find professional organizers near you today.

The Psychology of Organization

Dream interpretation focuses on the symbolization of items & objects in each dream. For example, the rooms of various buildings you see yourself in while dreaming are said to often represent aspects of your mind and/or personality. A cluttered room in a dream is therefore equated to a cluttered mind or area of your waking life in need of change or organization. 

Whether you believe in dream interpretations or not, the same psychological concepts apply to organized or disorganized homes in the tangible world. Certain Asian cultures utilize Fung Shui, Vastu Shastra, Wabi-Sabi and Wu Wei to declutter and organize homes for the purpose of increasing positive energy flow throughout a residence. Western versions/adaptations of Fung Shui are also highly popular among certain U.S. homeowners who place an emphasis on organization and clear-headedness every day.

Waking up to a messy house is neither inspiring nor conducive to positive thinking. There is only so much time in each day, however, and the lives of many Americans are already overflowing with responsibilities. When your finances need attention, you hire a financial advisor. The state of your home is no less important to the quality of your life and the life of your family. Professional organizers are available to help today.

Professional Organizers – What They Do & Why You Need One

A certified professional organizer (CPO) organizes specified areas of your home, office and/or life in exchange for a fee. The job goes beyond standard cleaning, although a quality CPO is also an excellent cleaner. Organizing aspects of your life is perceivable in various individual projects, and a CPO functions as your project leader. A CPO also helps you manage your time more effectively and plan out your schedule. The best CPOs also serves as life coaches and accountability partners, guiding you through various organization and even personal issues in your life to help you reach your desired outcome(s). 

People need professional organizers for a wide variety of reasons. Humans have a tendency to overly complicate their own issues. It is often easier to see solutions to problems from outside looking in, which is challenging to do when self-organization is the issue. How much spare time do you have in 2021? Between work, school, parenting and everything else in life, little time is often left for organization. Finally, a CPO is a trained professional with developed skill sets and experience. It is common sense to put the organization of your home, time and priority responsibilities in the hands of someone fully capable of making the most of them.                                      


The benefits of hiring a professional organizer are as vast as they are profound. Stagnant adverse energy in your home impacts almost every aspect of your life. It also takes extra time and thought to move around obstacles when getting ready for work/school. Looking for your keys, purse or other items might make you late for work as well. Hiring a professional organizer clears up physical and mental space, which opens channels of improvement in all other areas of your life. 

Having a professional declutter/organize your home and life also gives you more time to complete personal and family projects sitting on the proverbial shelf for too long. Have you needed some serious me-time? A personal organizer helps you get what you want and need out of life. Additional benefits of hiring a professional organizer include:

  • More personal time & energy

  • More time to spend with family

  • More readily achievable goals

  • Improved finances

  • Mental/emotional issues are more easily resolved

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Better sleep

  • Increased intuition

  • Better, sharper decision-making

Ways to Hire a Professional Organizer

Searching for professional organizers near you is easier to do than ever before in 2021. Service providers place advertisements in local/regional newspapers both in print and online. Craigslist and Yelp are also great online resources, the latter of which also includes reviews from real-life customers/clients. TaskRabbit is a website with associated iOS and Android apps used for hiring services of all types, including personal organizers. Other websites with resources and dedicated search portals to help you find and hire a professional organizer near you include:

Items to Purchase In Advance

It is prudent to purchase or rent a storage unit prior to hiring a professional organizer. During your consultation ask what cleaning supplies are used. If you demand certain materials/chemicals are used in your home, ask if you need to purchase them separately or if they will be supplied (and at what cost to you). Also ask if you need to purchase storage totes, shelves, or other types of organizations structures/items in advance. 

Average Hourly Prices

The costs of hiring a professional organizer in 2021 vary greatly based on needs, location, and the policies of the service provider. Each organization situation is unique in some way and base rates might be mixed in with additional charges, as necessary. Another aspect affecting the price charged by a professional organizer is how far he or she must travel to reach you and how many times per week services are required. 

Expect hourly fees ranging between $40 and several hundred per hour, with higher prices more common in affluent areas or large cities. Some service providers charge per room or bill using a combination of hourly rates and per room surcharges. Package deals might be available for whole-house jobs, and additional charges are potentially expected for:

  • Organizing schedules

  • Life coaching services

  • Accountability partnering

  • Travel & supplies