Fast and Affordable Remediation Services

Effective mold remediation permanently prevents mold from returning to your building. Read how to locate fast and affordable remediation services today.

When pertaining to residential homes, however, the most common type of remediation has to do with the removal of dangerous and sometimes deadly mold. Effective mold remediation permanently prevents mold from returning to your residential or commercial building after an infestation. Proper containment procedures must be followed to ensure this happens completely, however. Continue reading to learn how to locate fast and affordable remediation services for your home today. 

Overview of Remediation

Many types or remediation services are available, each applying to a different industry or particular issue. Legally, remediation activities and services refer to any number of investigation, study, assessment, treatment or testing of an issue with the express intent of reversing and/or eliminating it as a continued occurrence. Most remediation concerns are in reference to environmental issues, although the process also applies to the elimination of cyber threats, improvement of education procedures and many additional situations and scenarios.

When it comes to your home, remediation services especially apply to the removal of mold and the prevention of it from ever returning. Mold in your home is highly dangerous to your health the health of your family and pets. Certain types and extreme cases of mold are also fatal if left untreated for even brief periods of time. Remediation services are hired to eliminate the mold and take steps to prevent its return, thus protecting you and your family from additional exposure. 

What is the Different between Mold Remediation and Mold Removal?

Mold removal is not necessarily a permanent solution to mold formation-related problems in a home. In fact, while mold removal is temporarily effective at removing surface-level mold problems, the process does not complete kill all spores in a home. Microscopic mold spores survive the removal process, which leads to the regrowth and often worsening of the original problem.

Mold remediation, which is sometimes also called mold abatement, eliminates mold and prevents its return. Proper containment procedures must be followed to ensure this happens completely, however. Granted, more than 100,000 species of mold exist in the world today. Not all mold is deadly, but much of it is damaging. Mold is also constantly present in some form both inside and outside at all moments as well. Any mold found in your home, toxic or not, requires remediation as fast as possible to prevent the possibility of illness or fatalities.

Not all remediation needs are the same. This is because every type of mold infestation is unique to the location of the infestation. Degrees of severity as well as the size and location of the infestation are just a few variables impacting the customization of remediation services based on location. Generally, however, the overall remediation process follows these steps:

  • An inspection followed by an assessment to determine severity and proper procedure.

  • Containment procedures begin based on the evaluated needs.

  • The air in the home is filtered thoroughly.

  • Any items and/or materials infested with the mold are removed.

  • The home and property are subsequently restored.

What Types of Home Issues Require Remediation Services?

Water damage comprises twenty-five percent of home damages in the U.S. today. Water damage, even if minor, often causes mold to grow in places of which you might not even be aware. Infestation occurs fast as well. In fact, the entry of ay water into your home facilitates a potential mold infestation within approximately forty-eight hours after the initial entry of the water.

Rotting wood also leads to mold infestations requiring remediation. This is especially common in older homes, although still possible in newer homes where undetected leaks occur in the roof, floorboards, sinks, bathroom units or walls. The grout in your bathroom or kitchen sink or bathtub/shower sometimes turns black. This is an indication of a mold infestation. The same is true for a room or home in which a musty, foul odor is constantly present. Airflow in your home might also feel stagnant or thick. Wet furniture, carpet or rugs which require an excessively long time to dry out might also be a sign of a mold infestation.

HVAC systems are also potential culprits pursuant to causing mold issues. A malfunctioning HVAC system which fails to dry out might cause dangerous mold spores to rapidly form. Finally, if your insulation becomes wet from a leak, you need to give it exposure to airflow and sunlight before reclosing in the space around it. Otherwise, your insulation becomes a likely breeding ground for a dangerous mold infestation.

Average Remediation Costs

The average costs for home remediation services vary based on multiple factors. One of these factors is whether you rent or own your home. If you rent your home you likely need to contact your landlord before hiring a remediation service. In fact, the local office of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) might also need to participate in the remediation process to identify the source and prevent further infestation. When you own your home, however, you are permitted (and encouraged) to contact a remediation service on your own volition. If the danger and damage is determined to be significant or extreme, you might at that point be required to involve a government agency.

Average costs for home remediation services tend to range between approximately $1,300 and $3,330. The median cost is approximately $2,347 per situation. This further averages to between $13.33 and $28.33 per square foot or area serviced. Prices vary based on room size and size of areas treated. Prices also vary based on damage and danger levels and the extent of restoration required.

Legal Considerations

Certain remediation scenarios require the involvement of a mold litigation attorney or other legal specialist. This is typically necessary if the mold damage and any applicable illness(es) are caused by negligence on the part of a landlord, city, municipality or energy company. To find a mold attorney near you fast, take advantage of the following online resources:

Best Ways and Tools to Find Local Remediation Services

Multiple nationwide remediation services are available near you now. The top companies offer national quality services and results. Special pricing is also sometimes available. Be certain to ask for pricing quotes prior to committing to a service contract. Several remediation services operating locally and the best online tools to locate them include: