Best Online Resume Builders to Compare

Your resume helps you stand out from all other candidates. Continue reading to learn about the best online resume builders available today.

Your resume is the key to opening doors for all-important job interviews. Whether online or in-person, your job interview is largely what determines if you obtain the position, you seek or not. To get in front of the interviewer, however, your resume must stand out from countless others on the pile.

Many candidates have the experience and training to warrant getting hired but lack the skills to draft a resume to support those facts. Thankfully, online resume builder services are available to put in writing all the information needed to get you hired fast. Continue reading to learn about the best online resume builders available today.

Resume Services 101

When you are applying for a new job, your goal is to obtain the position you desire and salary you deserve. Accomplishing this collective goal requires you to present your story in the best manner possible. Your best presentation includes an accurate account of your related skills and experience. A strong presentation also includes the embodiment of who you are as a person and how you will benefit and best serve the company as a potential long-term employee. These soft skills and hard skills (respectively) are part of your overall hiring pitch, which is outlined in effective detail in your resume.

Despite having the top skills and experience for a particular job, many candidates miss out on excellent career opportunities because they cannot compile a high-quality resume. You might be an excellent interviewee, but your prospective employer will never know it if your resume fails to catch his or her attention and get you in the door.

A resume building company or service is staffed with experienced professional resume builders. Some offer automated online-only resume creations. Others, as stated, employ people who are skilled at building eye-catching impactful resumes designed to get you the job you seek. Prices vary with the level of services provided and type of jobs for which you are applying. Some services allow for multiple revisions, while others (usually for lower prices) simply organize the information you enter an automated online form. Continue reading below for information on what you need to get started building your new resume online today.

What Is Needed to Start with and Online Resume Builder?

Job search strategies have evolved significantly in recent times in almost direct parallel with the expansion of internet usage and online possibilities. Because of this, the concept and functionality of the modern resume have also greatly expanded. In fact, the modern resume is now expected to include certain traits and skills utilized in website and content marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO) and above-the-fold focus.

This is because your online resume is no longer merely a scanned copy of your paper resume. An online resume is a digital representation of your employment history, complete education, applicable skill sets and contact information. This digital representation must be created with on-page SEO traits and an above-the-fold focus prioritization. SEO helps your resume to be located faster by prospective employers. Above-the-fold focus places the most important information on your resume in plain sight for readers before they need to scroll for more.

Specific Information Needed

For an online resume builder to provide the best results, you need to first provide it with complete and accurate information. This includes your relevant job history; skill sets and experience. Information about your education is also required, especially when applying for positions where a minimum education level is required. This basic information is applicable to all resumes, however. For an online resume, you need to focus on additional digital strategies as well.

It is vital to include the same keywords in your resume your prospective employers place in posted job descriptions. For example, if your employer is searching for an “experienced IT consultant” with experience in “cloud computing strategies” you need to include those same keywords in your online resume (provided they are accurate). Your resume must also include a streamlined viewer-friendly navigation tree. Finally, your above-the-fold section should maintain narrow margins and a clear and concise contact information section. This allows more room for your skills list and strategic keyword and information placement. Please note: Duplicate content is a bad SEO practice, which reduces your resume’s status in search engines. Avoid duplicate content by double and triple-checking your work before submitting. 

How an Online Resume Builder Service Helps You Stand Out

Like above-the-fold focus, you need your resume to stand out above those submitted by competing candidates. This is especially true in the current job market climate when job stability is at a premium. Online resume builders help ensure your resume makes a fast and lasting favorable impression on potential employers. Your soft and hard skills are organized and distributed in accordance with the needs of the companies searching for candidates with your qualifications. For example, while many companies value hard over soft skills, others do not. Certain companies prioritize the way the personality, mindset and attitude of a candidate are aligned with the personality and environment of the company. Online resume builder services with resume writers on-staff help research the type of employers and companies you are seeking. Even free and automated resume builders are designed to help you create the perfect resume specific for your needs.

Average Costs and Time to Use an Online Resume Builder

Certain online resume builders claim to help build a professional-looking resume in as little as five minutes. Most services state your online resume will be built in ten-to-fifteen minutes. When designing a resume for the private-sector resume by hand you might spend up to six hours after first gathering all necessary information. By-hand resumes for federal jobs take even longer. Therefore, the best online resume builders save you valuable time.


Online resume builders cost varying amounts for their services. Some are free. Others charge $2.49 per single download or between $5 and $40 per month for a subscription. If you choose an online resume builder with actual writers on-staff, you should expect to pay more. Online resume writing services charge between $100 and approximately $3,000 per resume or more.

Free and Best-Rated Resume Builder Services Available Online Now

Both free and paid online resume templates are available online today. ResumeGenius is widely accepted as the best, paid online resume builder service available. ResumeGenius allows users to complete sections of their resumes using either pre-written options or by uploading custom information. Once all sections are completed, users are then able to toggle between numerous template options to create the best visual product and effective resume possible. is one of the best free resume builder services online. Almost six million resumes have been generated using one of the twenty-four available templates offered by this service. is also intuitive and easy to use, which makes it an excellent option for job candidates on a budget. A few more of the best free and paid online resume builder services today includes: