Top Tips For Retirees Looking For Part Time Jobs

Retirees re-entering the workforce require a different approach than younger active workers. Read top tips for retires looking for part-time jobs in 2021.

Retiring from a full time job seems like a dream-come-true for many seniors. The perception of retirement does not always translate to reality the way some seniors expect, however. Many retirees end up searching for activities and part-time jobs as a way of occupying time or paying unexpected bills their pension checks cannot cover.

Retirees re-entering the workforce must prepare for interviews differently than younger generations. Certain types of part-times jobs are available specifically for retirees. Useful resources/tools are available to help find them. The process involves important research into available jobs suitable for your physical condition. Some retirees are no longer able to operate vehicles and public transportation services for seniors are therefore required. Looking for part-time jobs as a retiree also possibly involves updating your resume to modern standards. Read ahead to learn top tips for retires looking for part-time jobs in 2021.

From Retirement to Active Worker

The Social Security Administration (SSA) sets the official retirement age at 67 years old. The median retirement age in the U.S. is one year younger at 66, however. Many people retire before they reach either of these ages only to discover they miss working. Sometimes retirees experience financial hardship due to poor planning or various emergencies such as illness, natural disasters, or an accident. Regardless of your reason for moving from retiree back to active-worker status you need tips, tools, and resources to help you find a part-time job best suited for your needs. 

Types of Part-Time Jobs Available for Retirees

Many part-time jobs in the current market are perfectly suited for retirees. It is common for some people in the general retiree age demographic to have some physical limitations. Part-time jobs without heavy lifting or other demanding physical requirements are plentiful, however.

For example, Uber and Lyft are ride-sharing services, which both hire retirees with clean driving records and doctor-approved vision capabilities. This job involves transporting customers from pickup to drop-off locations without the need for demanding physical activity. A primary benefit for retirees when working a part-time job with Uber/Lyft is the ability to set your own schedule and accept only the fares you choose to accept. Uber and Lyft also have no biases against the senior age group and welcome the demographic to their respective teams.

Tutoring is another part-time job perfectly suitable for a retiree, especially if he or she has a prior background in teaching. Tutoring is a great way to stay connected to the education environment, while often setting your own hours and rates. Retired teachers also often find part-time jobs as content writers and/or bloggers.

Your background during your former active working years has a lot to do with what part-time jobs suits you best as a retiree. Some retirees choose part-time jobs related to their former careers. This is true for retired accountants who obtain part-time employment at H&R Block during tax season. Conversely, some retirees choose to re-enter the workforce with a part-time job completely unrelated to their former profession. In these cases, the retirees are looking to occupy time in a profitable and productive new way. Take for example a former math professor who obtains a part-time job as a high-school basketball coach because he/she was always a sports fan. Another example is a retired security consultant who takes a part-time job as a hotel or building concierge because it gives him or her the ability to keep watch over a facility without physical demands or danger. Additional examples of part-time work available for retirees in 2021 include:

  • Dog walker

  • Delivery driver

  • Nanny

  • Paralegal

  • Secretary

  • Cashier

  • Sales Associate

  • Consultant

  • Seasonal retail associate

  • Translator/Interpreter

Resources and Tools to Help Retirees Find Part-Time Jobs

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a considerable resource for all types of information for seniors including where to find part-time jobs. The AARP has its own Work Channel developed solely to help people of retirement age find work. The AARP also runs a Back to Work 50+ program, which provides workshops, resources and coaching for retirees seeking new opportunities. Additional resources and tools to help retirees find part-time jobs include:

Part-Time Jobs for Retirees - Things to Consider

Finding a part-time job as a retiree involves important considerations not required of younger active workers. Knowing what type of physical activity is necessary for the job is crucial to understand prior to accepting any job. Minimum hours and scheduling requirements are also important to assess up front as is the company environment pursuant to senior workers. The process of applying for jobs as a retiree is likely different than it was during previous working years. Most job applications happen online and involve lengthy electronically-populated questionnaires. Assistance might be required to navigate these scenarios if you are unfamiliar with a modern online environment.

Interview Preparation

As a retiree you also have specific requirements for and of yourself. You need a job with flexibility and an employer who understands your age and needs prior to hiring you. This involves specific communication and a thorough search for the right types of available part-time jobs on the market. Interview preparation is also different for retirees than it is for younger workers. Plan to make sure you have adequate transportation. Communicate clearly about expectations and ask questions about job requirements to make sure the fit is perfect for both sides. It is also possible you will need to update your former resume. 

Updating your Resume

Your resume is an important part of obtaining a new job and updating it from a prior format might be required. offers a convenient resume builder online. This site also offers tips on the best resume formats for retirees today. Websites such as and also offer resources for updating your resume as a retiree.


Reliable transportation to and from work is important regardless of age. Some retirees are unable to drive their own vehicles, however. Some jobs offer resources for getting to/from work. Most towns and cities also provide resources and connections for public transportation options, including pricing discounts for senior citizens. Additional resources to help find transportation to work include: