Top 4 Senior Meal Delivery Programs Compared

Get more information on senior meal delivery programs here. Healthy meals delivered with a variety of menu options suitable to your diet or nutritional requirements.

Senior meal delivery services have recently gained popularity as much as food delivery apps. These services are meant to be a fast and convenient way for incapacitated seniors to receive meals. Home-delivered services can also provide autonomy to seniors who cannot shop for groceries or cook their own meals. Furthermore, meal delivery services often cook meals to suit individual needs. For instance, if a senior has diabetes, they will modify meals to fit his or her medical needs. In order to find out the best meal delivery services for seniors, continue reading the sections below.  

Meals on Wheels

This is a free, nationwide senior meal delivery service and one of the most popular in the country. Meals on Wheels is federally funded through a variety of government programs like Medicaid waiver programs, community grants and donations. This program simply delivers frozen meals to your home. If you or someone you love is a senior who cannot leave the home, then this is a great service to take advantage of. Additionally, any dietary or nutritional needs are considered when you apply for this service. Meals are often tailored to meet the medical needs and cultural preferences of the senior. When you apply for the service, you may need a referral letter from a doctor or caregiver to qualify.

Project Angel Heart

Project Angel Heart is more than just meal delivery for seniors. This program specifically caters to individuals who have a terminal illness such as cancer or HIV/AIDS. The program delivers medically tailored meals for free to the homes of thousands of people each week. Project Angel Heart has a staff of professional chefs that cook meals from scratch. This nonprofit also has registered dieticians to provide their nutritional expertise in preparing healthy meals. Furthermore, volunteers package each meal and deliver them door to door. The charity will not only change meals to fit medical needs, but to also fit religious beliefs and medical treatments. 

Magic Kitchen

Despite being for-profit, this program is considered one of the best senior meal delivery services. Magic Kitchen will cook meals to fit your dietary needs. If you have a condition such as diabetes, chefs will take that into consideration. When meals are prepared, they are cooked in small batches. Once the meal is finished, they will flash freeze it to help preserve it during transit. Although these meals are not free, they are affordable as each meal can cost between $10 to $15. Furthermore, you do not have to commit to them because there are no contracts. Another bonus is if you opt for regular deliveries with Magic Kitchen, they will pay for shipping.

Silver Cuisine by Bistro MD

Silver Cuisine is another for-profit senior meal delivery service that allows seniors to use their benefits to pay for meals. Seniors who have an AARP membership are eligible for 10 percent off every order and receive free shipping on their first order. One detail to note, however, is that you can only select premade meals. In other words, you will not be able to receive meals tailored exactly to cultural or religious preferences. However, Silver Cuisine does have meals that can fit a variety of diets. Moreover, the company provides the delivery service with no contracts and meal prices can range from $9 to $15. Additionally, when browsing their meal options, you can filter out meals for your health needs such as heart health and there are also gluten free options.

No senior meal delivery program is a like, so make sure to pick one that fits your nutritional needs and your budget!