Senior Relocation & Moving Services

Senior relocation and moving services help seniors relocate with minimal stress. Read more about senior relocation and moving services available today.

America’s senior citizens require special care and assistance for a wide variety of activities. This is true for normal day-to-day processes and especially true for a process as potentially overwhelming as moving. The goal of a senior relocation and moving service is to help seniors relocate with a minimal amount of stress. Services include various phases ranging from planning to acclimation support and advocacy post-move. People working in this profession come from a wide variety of vocational backgrounds, but all share the common goal of caring for the wellbeing of America’s senior citizens. Read ahead to learn more about top senior relocation and moving services available today.


About Senior Relocation and Moving Services

The University Hospitals (UH) website lists moving as the third most stressful life event behind only the death of a loved one and divorce. Senior relocation and moving services focus on minimizing the stress of moving for U.S. senior citizens through a variety of specialized processes and methods of assistance. The methods are multi-faceted and combine detailed planning with compassionate flexibility. The backgrounds of employees who work for senior relocation companies are quite diverse. Healthcare workers, gerontologists, social workers and psychologists are either migrating their careers to this vocational field or doing it part-time as means of giving back to the elderly. Accountants, IT consultants, project managers and marketers are also obtaining part-time or full-time roles in this field.

Comparing Senior Relocation Services with Regular Moving Companies

Several aspects of the services provided by most regular moving companies are like some of the services provided by specialized senior relocation companies. For example, the physical aspect of moving involves relocating household possessions regardless of size or weight. For a regular moving company this is its primary job. Full-service movers for seniors assist in the literal moving of physical household possessions in addition to providing downsizing and move management strategies. A company specializing primarily in senior move management strategies might instead hire a reputable moving company to do the physical lifting.

Full-service and move management senior relocation companies also help make vital decisions, which are important to the overall success of the move and ability of seniors to acclimate to new homes. They also customize plans according to the needs of each household and advocate in multiple ways for seniors settling into new communities. Regular moving companies are not equipped with the type of staff required to handle such senior-specific specializations.

Types of Services Offered

Senior relocation and moving companies provide a wide range of helpful, necessary services. Perhaps the primary collective benefit these services provide is reducing or eliminating the stressors seniors and their families (when applicable) would experience if required to take on the move without professional assistance. Specific services and range of services vary per company, client needs and situation. For example, some companies do not do any physical labor or only specialize in senior downsizing. Some seniors are fully or almost fully independent and choose to be involved in some of the preparatory phases, while others require assistance every step of the way. Overall types of services provided by a professional senior relocation company include:

  • Planning, preparation and development of a relocation plan-of-action

  • Customization of new floor plans

  • Sorting and organizing possessions

  • Disposing unwanted or unneeded possessions through charitable organizations, live or virtual auctions, buyouts, estate sales or consignment agreements

  • Handling all shipping and storage arrangements (temporary or long-term)

  • Packing possessions professionally and with great care

  • Unpacking possessions once relocated to the new address

  • Post-move-out cleanup and waste disposal

  • Furniture, room and decorative arrangements in the new home

  • Purchasing groceries and needed household items for move-in

  • Travel provisions and senior escort assistance

  • Realtor selection and negotiations

  • Staging (when applicable for home sales)

  • Downsizing

What Is Senior Downsizing?

Senior downsizing involves the reduction of household overhead and living expenses once a certain age or physical limitations are reached. Fixed incomes are sometimes stifling. Relocating into a smaller, more affordable residence helps create financial freedom again. Downsizing also occurs when seniors move in with family for home healthcare purposes or when a two-story home no longer accommodates physical needs. 

Common Free Add-Ons

Because their goal is to provide top-notch service for seniors, many specialized relocation services also offer limited free add-ons. Free furniture blankets are often provided to help protect furniture from damages during a move. Wardrobe boxes help keep clothing organized, sorted, clean and wrinkle-free. This latter type of free add-on is especially beneficial because it specifically reduces the amount of work seniors (or their families) must do after move-in. Full pack services tend to be included at no extra charge with full-service companies. Advocating for seniors who move into new communities or entirely new regions of the country is an extremely important add-on service. This type of add-on helps seniors acclimate faster, get connected with other seniors in the area and find the stores and medical centers they need without delays or confusion.

Nationwide Senior Relocation Services and Average Costs

Average national costs for senior relocation services range between $40 and $125 per hour or $800 to $5,000 total. The lowest prices tend to average around $1,500 although some do go lower. Some move management companies hire third-party local senior movers, which increases the price. Some of the service costs pay for themselves, however, when a move management team arranges for the sale of unwanted or unneeded possessions. 

Caring Transitions is one of the best senior relocation services in business today and is highly recommended by the AARP. With one hundred-sixteen locations open in thirty-five states this reputable company costs only $800 per service for some clients.

Solomon & Sons is a full-service senior relocation service with transparent pricing and an A rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Pricing is available by direct quote only but this family-owned business with a multiple-language bilingual staff guarantees client satisfaction nationwide. The National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers (NASSM) is a trusted resource for finding other top nationwide senior relocation services such as: