Best Server Backup Options

Backup servers protect everything on your network & prevent the loss of important data. Read a helpful guide to the best backup server options in 2021.

Accidents happen in both the physical and virtual worlds. Sometimes you leave your keys at the store or gym and cannot get back into your house. Sometimes you forget your passwords for various accounts. In the business world the inaccessibility or loss of important data due to human error, cyber-attacks or a failed server is potentially disastrous.

The best backup server options help you back up everything stored on your network to a cloud-based or alternate hardware server, effectively preventing a complete loss of information needed to keep your business running. What types of backup servers are available today and how do they function? What are the average prices and definitive benefits of having a backup server? Read ahead for an informative guide to the best backup server options in 2021.

Backup Server - How It Works

Your server is a computer system with software purposed for delivering data and processing incoming requests. Servers deliver requested data to other computers via a local network or online via the internet. Various types of servers exist including:

  • Web.

  • Email.

  • FTP.

  • Identity.

  • Client.

  • DNS.

  • Proxy.

Each type of server requires some type of backup contingency plan in the event important data is lost and/or compromised. Larger networks utilize multiple servers, which require backup systems capable of handling significant amounts of data. Backup servers back up information from your network such as files, folders, databases and even hard drives. Backup servers also retore data to your servers as applicable. If your server was compromised the backup server system is capable of restoring data to your original server once the threat is removed and the original server is secured. In the event you need to replace one of more of your original servers due to malfunction, a backup server system restores all data onto your new server(s). 

Some of the best server backup options utilize both hardware and software options to protect and recover your important data. Most backup servers contain significant storage space and a specific server backup application. Server backup systems/machines also commonly utilize redundant hard drives, which write your data to multiple drives simultaneously as an additional precaution. Backup processes are scheduled to occur at specific times during each day/week. Cloud or hosting-based backup servers are connected remotely via either the internet, a web interface or a vendor application programming interface (API). 

Benefits of Having a Backup Server (and why you need one now)

The majority of businesses today run operations based on information, data and advanced technology. Even more organic and (literally) down-to-earth businesses such as farms use farm management software and servers to manage crop status, profits & losses (P & L), inventory and more. Human error is one primary cause of lost or damaged data/servers. Uncontrollable natural disasters such as lightning strikes, floods or fires also damage serves and put your data at risk. Cyber-attacks are unfortunately becoming more common every year and protecting your data from cyber criminals is an increasingly important aspect of having server backup options.

Backup server systems provide multiple benefits to you and your business. Backups are enacted automatically based on a schedule programmable by you and/or your IT team. This convenient and consistent process offers daily peace of mind for people responsible for the safety of crucial and private data. Protecting and having backups of your data is integral to maintaining business operations as normal, therefore backup servers also protect your bottom line. Many server backup systems are also operated remotely, which means your office space & resources are preserved for other important functions.

Top 3 Server Backup Systems 2021

Choosing a server backup system in 2021 requires research and features/pricing comparison-shopping. Is a particular backup server capable of handling all your data protection & restoration needs? Do the features and reliability of the backup system justify the price point? The best backup server options offer a combination of large storage capacity, user-friendly programming and instant reliability. The top 3 server backup systems of 2021 are:

  1. Acronis Cyber Backup.

  2. Veeam Backup & Replication.

  3. MSP360. 

1. Acronis Cyber Backup

The Acronis Cyber Backup system is widely considered the best server backup option for 2021. This innovative system has the capability to protect over twenty platforms worth of data no matter how large or where the data is located. Artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology is utilized to prevent ransomware by averting applicable system unavailability. Your business operates smoothly throughout each day because the Acronis Cyber Backup system instantly restores damaged or stolen data. The system operates remotely and licenses are purchasable in one or three-year usage periods. Per-license prices range from $59 (1-year/Essentials) to $119 (1-year/Advanced) and a free thirty-day trial is permitted pre-purchase.

2. Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam self-proclaims its Backup & Replication system is simple, flexible & reliable. Utilizing a software-defined & hardware-agnostic, the Veeam Backup & Replication system confidently backs up and/or recovers large workloads via cloud, virtual and physical methods. Veeam pricing is available by direct quote, on the Veeam website and through specified retailers. The Veeam Backup Essentials license starts at $900/year for five licenses at 5TB of storage. Price increases incrementally with the amount of storage required. Price also changes based on the number of licensed years and user licenses purchased. The Backup & Replication system offers rock solid protection from ransomware, a user-friendly management console and reduced pricing for long-term data retention systems such as the Veeam Cloud Tier -Enterprise.

3. MSP360

MSP360 is a simple cloud-based cross-platform server backup and disaster recovery system. MSP360 utilizes military grade encryption to backup up Windows, Apple Mac and Linux systems. The system is connected to Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, making MSP360 the leading server backup/restoration system for prime public cloud service integration. Pricing is based on monthly or annual subscriptions and is available via private quote only. A free trial is available pre-purchase, however, and customer support is available seven days a week, 365-days/year. MSP360 also helps VARs and MSPs build their respective brands by providing instantly accessible white-label data protection.