Smart Locks for Home

The best home smart lock systems provide the type of protection your home needs. Read ahead for a helpful guide on top smart locks for your home today.

Smart locks for your residential home have increased in popularity in recent years. Information technologies (IT) fields are expanding rapidly and information security, including smart locks and smart lock programs/apps are therefore also expanding by necessity and consumer popularity. What types of best selling smart locks are available on the market today? What are the most popular features and prices?

The best selling home alarm and smart lock systems each have features unique to their brand, while also similarly providing the protection your home needs. Choosing the right smart locks system for your home depends on your budget, type of home, type of device and security needs. Where do I find tips on how to install my smart lock system? Read ahead for a helpful guide on smart locks for your home today.

Smart Locks 101

Many U.S. consumers have heard about smart locks but do not necessarily understand all of their capabilities and features. People have seen videos of the Ring Doorbell security system stopping criminals in the act of stealing packages, perpetrating attempted muggings and worse. Many viewers were intrigued but perhaps did not consider the Ring Doorbell system as part of a smart technology-based home security system operated by a smartphone, tablet or other smart technology-enabled device.

Some of the best-selling smart locks for home security systems use Z-Wave technology; as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Thread, Propriety and Zigbee protocols. A smart lock is a type of electromechanical device, which allows users to remotely access residential homes via smart technology-enabled devices equipped with apps facilitating one of the technologies as listed herein. Authorized users are granted remote authorization & authentication to lock and unlock windows, doors, safes, sheds and more. Smart locks are also used on commercial, government and educational buildings but their growing popularity among residential consumers is of particular interest.

Smart Locks for Residential Homes - Why so Popular?

The smart lock industry as a whole might still be in the infancy stages of its international commercial life but with a market value of over three billion dollars and growing it is indeed a big, big baby. Why are smart locks for commercial homes so popular with consumers in 2021? Much of the popularity associated with smart locks is easily attributed to the approximately forty-five percent of global consumers who own smartphones. Approximately three and one-half billion people use smartphones in 2021, a fact that is also the largest stimulator for the use/purchase of connected devices.

The use of home-based and home-security smart technology has become such a significant aspect of mainstream daily/market life it is even affecting the way (and how many) homes are sold. For example, over fifty percent of people selling homes in 2021 intend to invest in smart locks as a way of selling their homes at higher prices and in less time.

Types of Smart Locks Available 

Smart locks are manufactured in many different types to suit various consumer preferences and home security needs. Smart bicycle and smart safes are even made in 2021. Deadbolt and knob-based smart locks are also available as choices for certain smart lock products. Types of smart locks for residential homes available on the market to day include:

  • Keypad deadbolts

  • Knob-style keypad

  • Lever-style keypad

  • Handle set keypad

  • Garage door

  • Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth

  • Key-fob

  • Fingerprint

  • Video/doorbell

Features to Consider

Smart locks have various specific features. It is advisable to consider all features prior to making a final purchase decision because some products might have functions & features more suitable for your specific needs. For example some smart lock companies such as Yale and Schlage design products to look as good as they function. Different trims and finishes are available to match the appearance, style and décor of your home. Most smart locks use several AA or rechargeable lithium-ion cell batteries to operate. The battery life of your smart lock is perhaps one of the most prioritized considerations of all features. Additional important features to consider when purchasing a smart lock system include:

  • Availability of alternate entry/unlocking options

  • Guest key codes for visitors

  • Auto-lock/unlock functions

  • American National Standards Institute/ Builders’ Hardware Manufacturers Association (ANSI/BHMA) quality rating

  • Weatherproof status

  • Voice control capabilities

  • Integration capabilities w/smart home platforms such as Google Home, IFTTT (If This Then That), Samsung SmartThings, etc.

  • Wi-Fi security functionality & rating

Installation Tips

DIY smart lock installation tips begin with removing your current lock/deadbolt. Next, install the new latch for your smart lock housing system. Install your smart lock following the instructions/manual provided. Remove the battery pack and Insert/attach the interior panel. Tuck away the wires, secure the panel and re-insert the battery. Attach the cover plate then test the smart lock to make certain it works prior to programming the system. Program the system by following the instructions/manual provided.

Best-Rated Smart Lock Systems - Prices & Places to Buy

Purchasing the best smart lock system for your residential home is simple to accomplish in 2021. Make certain features fit your needs and have the top ratings on the market. The top-5 best-rated smart lock systems for your residential home today are:

  1. August Wi-Fi ($249.99 standard; $284.99 w/Navis Paddle; $309.99 w/keypad; available at

  2. Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt ($; available at

  3. ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro ($179.00; available at Amazon)

  4. Yale Assure Lock SL Kwikset Halo ($299.99; available at WalMart)

  5. Kwikset Halo ($229.98; available at Lowes)