Stair Lifts: What to Know Before Investing

When it comes to people who have a hard time getting up and down stairs or even have a hard time simply getting from one room to another something that you should consider is stair lifts. Stair lifts are great for a number of things. For instance if you or a loved one have bad knees or bad hips and simply can not get up and down the stairs like you use to, or if it is just not safe for you to do it anymore, then a stair lift is perfect for you.

Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Stair Lift

You have already decided that a stair lift is the way you need to go now, what do you do? Well, before you dive in head first to this decision here is what to consider about getting a stair lift.

1. The cost: In some situations insurance will cover the cost of a stair lift, but you should not always bank on that happening.

2. Do the benefits out weigh the potential risks? As long as everything is installed properly, then the answer is yes the benefits do out weigh the risks.  As you get older and going up stairs becomes more difficult, you can rest assured that you won't have to move to a one story home. Your stair lift will be able to transport you between floors at your home.

3. How long will installation take? That one will all depend on what company you go with and how complicated of a stair lift you need. Just like many other accommodations, there are several different kinds of stair lifts to choose from.

Types of Stairlifts Compared

One of the most common is a straight stair lift. A straight stair lift has been called the "ultimate staircase solution" by most of its customers. It gives you the ability to have full use of your home again and blends in seamlessly. With its smooth start and stop ability you can effortlessly glide up and down your staircase. To make things even better, there is not a long waiting period for installation.

Curved stair lifts are another popular option. These are mainly designed for any home that has a spiral staircase. It is able to offer a very reliable and comfortable ride up and down the stairs. The build gives it an advanced self- leveling carriage that moves along the specially made rail system, which allows it to come to a complete soft and easy stop. Since most of your curved stair lifts have low running cost, they are able to function completely even in a power outage. The rail system adds so much uniqueness to the stair lift as well. You do not even have to wait for weeks on end to get these installed.

Another really good option is an outdoor stair lift. These are amazing if you have something like a steep drive way that is difficult to walk up or even if you have a house on a hill that has stairs that you have to try to venture up to simply get inside. Your mobility is not limited to indoors so why should stair lifts be? These outdoor stair lifts can give you the same mobility that you had when you were younger and able to simply run up and down your stairs.