Top 5 Streaming Services

Digital media has revolutionized the way people today enjoy films and television. Each service available today offers a plethora of programs you find on television, as well as films, documentaries, cartoons, and even their own exclusive content in most cases. With streaming services competing for business, this has created a boom of creativity and an avenue for independent creators to get their work to the masses without having to deal with traditional media companies. They can also all be installed by a simple push of the button instead of a stranger bringing equipment and extra wires into the home.


This also means these services can charge less than cable. Netflix, the original streaming service, offers three different tiers at three different prices.

  • Basic is $8.99
  • Standard is $12.99
  • and their Premium subscription is $15.99 per month.
All of these tiers offer the same content, but only Standard and Premium are offered in HD, only Premium has Ultra HD, and every tier doubles in the number of screens that can be watching Netflix simultaneously: one, two, and four.


Like Netflix, Hulu offers a variety of plans. There is:

  • Classic Hulu, which does feature sporadic ads but is only $5.99 per month.
  • Hulu (No Ads) is just as titled, offering the same content just without ad interruptions for $11.99 a month.
  • The third option, Hulu + Live TV, offers the same content plus over sixty television channels that can be watched live or recorded to watch later, though it is the priciest option at $54.99 a month.

Hulu also offers a bundle, which includes Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus all for $12.99 a month.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus, the newest of the most popular streaming services, is unique in its offerings. It offers nearly the entire catalogue of Disney animations dating all the way back to Mickey Mouse’s first appearance. It also has a variety of films from the popular Marvel franchise, Pixar, and National Geographic programs. More films, shows, and cartoons are being added constantly and all are available at $6.99 a month or $69.99 per year.


YouTube Tv only offers live TV and unlimited storage space for recording programs to watch for nine months. Six separate screens can be watched simultaneously, and it has over seventy channels to choose from unlike Hulu’s sixty. This service has the second-highest cost at $49.99 a month.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is very unique to the rest of these services in that it isn’t merely a streaming service. For Prime Video (Amazon Originals, other movies, and shows), it’s $8.99 a month. For shopping deals, music streaming, books/magazines, and games it will cost either $12.99 a month or $119 a year.

These are all a monthly subscription and can be cancelled at any time with far less effort than it takes to cancel cable or satellite. Streaming is the best option in today’s on-demand world. They’re simple, convenient, far less stressful, and are more customer-oriented than most cable/satellite companies.