Guide to Best Subscription Management Software

Subscription management software lets your company run subscription services. Discover four of the top subscription management software options.

With the rise of online and app-based services, there are many businesses using a subscription-based model to reach their customers. For customers, subscription-based services are convenient since it ensures they receive products or services on a fixed basis. This is also convenient for businesses, since it makes it easier to schedule workloads. It is also an excellent way to retain customers and much easier to track profits and predict growth. Businesses can also reach out to their customers, allowing them to get valuable feedback.

In order for your business to succeed, you must invest in a reliable subscription management software. Subscription management software covers everything you need from subscription services, including storing product information, creating a list of subscribers, managing billing cycles and running limited or free trials. It also acts as a database for customer information and transactions. Listed below are some of the top subscription management software.


Chargebee is a popular subscription management software among smaller businesses. One of the strengths of Chargebee is the easy-to-use interface. It allows system administrators to easily manage multiple tiers of subscriptions, upgrading and downgrading customer accounts as needed. Chargebee is also built with compatibility in mind, allowing you to integrate reports with popular accounting software, including Xero, Quickbooks, Salesfoce and Avalara. Advanced packages also allow integration with NetSuite and Sage Intacct.

It is easy to transfer information since Chargebee is a cloud-based service. This is helpful for larger businesses, where multiple employees need to access customer data. Another benefit of using a cloud-based system is faster performance. It is also easier to update your system.

Chargebee has multiple packages available. The biggest difference between the packages is how many accounts you can create. The first package, Rise, costs $250 a month as of writing, and allow up to 10 accounts. The next package, Rise, costs $500 and increases the number of accounts to 25. The next tier, Enterprise is available for larger companies. The cost and number of accounts varies, so you must contact Chargebee directly if you want to open an Enterprise account.


Recurly is one of the pricier subscription management services, but it offers a number of features, even with the entry-level plans. Recurly allows you to host your own payment pages, which allows you to offer customized subscription plans to your customers. The majority of services are automated through Recurly, including basic customer support, credit card troubleshooting and invoicing.

You can use Recurly to setup advanced coupon and discount programs. This includes only offering select discounts to customers based on how long they have subscribed to your services, or offering one-time unique discounts to customers who create a new account. Recurly tracks account information, preventing customers from constantly creating new accounts to benefit from free trials or one-time discounts.

The advanced packages offer even more options. You can create a custom checkout process, allowing you to accept payments from most credit card companies and popular online payment systems, such as PayPal. The higher tiered packages also offer compatibility with select accounting software, including QuickBooks and Xero.

The basic package is Core, which costs $149 a month plus 0.9 percent of revenue. Core supports up to five users and one payment gateway. The next plan, Professional, supports 20 users and two payment gateways, while Elite provides support for over 20 users and payment gateways. You must contact Recurly directly to setup Professional and Elite packages.


Omeda is a comprehensive subscription management software, offering multiple services. In addition to subscription management, the software also allows you to manage digital events, manage customer service and study marketing data. Omeda offers an in-depth view of online traffic, not only showing which plans are most popular, but whether customers are accessing your site directly or finding your services through search engines.

Omeda is designed with larger companies in mind. Because it covers so many services, you can only access your Omeda account from a computer, with no mobile or iPad options currently available. Because it is a more complex program, Omeda offers training in the form of webinars and videos. You can also arrange for an in-person presentation.

Omeda customizes their plans based on the needs of their client. This means you must contact Omeda directly if you wish to create an account. How much an account cost varies greatly based on the size and needs of your company.


Sticky.Io is another subscription management service aimed at mid-size and larger companies. It is a cloud-based service, with 24/7 customer support available. It provides numerous services on top of traditional subscription management. Some of the key features include eCommerce management, email marketing, reporting and analytics, fraud detection and advanced data security. Sticky.Io also offers robust payment options, allowing your business to process cryptocurrency and setup mobile payments.

Sticky.Io works closely with their clients. Free trials are not available as of writing, but Sticky.Io provides a free demo when you contact them to setup an account. Like Omeda, payment varies depending on your needs and the size of your business.