The Most Flattering Women's Swimsuits for Every Body Type

It’s understandable that shopping for swimsuits as a woman can be a stressful and frustrating time. Since it’s almost that time to start shopping for summer, we decided to compile a list of tips when shopping for swimsuits for all body types.

From more curvy frames to athletic builds, we hope to help you understand the different styles of swimsuits. Ultimately, we would love to help you narrow down your choices for a swimsuit that will be fit to flatter your body perfectly.

How to Find Flattering Swimsuits by Body Type

If you want to know what type of swimsuit style you should be looking for that’s recommended for your body type, continue reading for our list of tips. However, when it comes down to it, every woman should embrace their body in whatever they choose to wear! These are simply just some tips based on the current fashion industry.

The general body shapes in terms of swimsuit shopping that women classify themselves under are as follows: pear shape, small bust, large bust, curvy, and athletic. Each different body type has its own industry-based tips for shopping.

Pear Shaped

Pear shaped bodies are typically when you’re curvier at your hips and thighs, and smaller on your top. If you’re trying to accentuate your body shape, it’s recommended you consider swimsuits that balance your proportions, such as highlighting your top half, and making sure your bottom half is supported.

  • Swimsuits with plunging necklines or eye-catching tops will draw more attention to that area. If you’re trying to take away attention from your bottom half, you could try getting a skirted bottom or less-thick bottoms that aren’t made up of too much material.

Small Bust

If you’re someone with a smaller bust and you’re looking for your swimsuit to give the illusion that you have a larger bust, you could try finding swimsuits that have more exciting top parts. Details such as embellishments, bows, and patterns can help to give the illusion you have a larger bust.

The following tricks are ways you can give off the image of a larger chest:

  • Triangle tops, bold prints, and ruffles create an illusion of curves

  • Padded push-up bra tops offer an extra lift you may be looking for. Halter tops have the same effect

Large Bust

Those who are swimsuit shopping with a larger bust will typically need more support up top. Also, if you’re hoping to minimize the attention on your chest, it’s recommended that you avoid any tops with ruffles or extreme embellishments. Other tricks are:

  • Bra tops with underwire and also adjustable straps will provide you with extra bust support. Thick straps will do the same.

  • Consider shopping for swimsuits with sizes similar to bra sizes, such as D, DD, etc. so that you’ll get a more secure fit.


If you have a curvier frame, you could want to flaunt your curves or possibly you want to distract attention away from them. If you’re hoping to deflect attention, you’ll want to avoid monokinis or string bikinis that are made of thicker materials because they’ll accentuate those wider areas. If you’re curvier, you’re also going to need some more support.

  • A more asymmetrical swimsuit draws focus toward your neckline, which highlights your neck and collarbone

  • Color blocked suits can better highlight your curvy shape, if that’s what you’re looking to do. High waisted suits are an option for this.


When swimsuit shopping for a more athletic body shape, most women want to increase the illusion of curves. Those suits with less coverage typically help to create that image. The following are also tricks for athletic builds:

  • Suits with bolder prints, embellishments, and ruffles create more of an appearance of curves

  • Cheekier bottoms can increase the illusion of a fuller shape

  • Suits with ties on the sides will also enhance your curves