Top 10 Dental Insurance Providers

Dental insurance is a specialized type of medical insurance specifically for dental care. Your exact coverage may vary depending on the plan, but in most cases, dental plans cover basic examinations, X-rays and cleaning services, while also offering assistance for advanced procedures, such as treating gum disease.

There are three costs to consider when searching for a dental plan. The first is the premium, which represents how much you pay each month for your coverage. The second is your annual limit, which is the maximum amount of coverage you receive each year. Finally, there is the deductible. Your deductible is the amount you must spend out of pocket before your insurance coverage begins.


Guardian Direct Dental is affiliated with Guardian Life Insurance, one of the largest insurance providers in the United States. Guardian Dental has a robust number of plans available. If you do not want to search for an individual plan, you can go onto their website and complete a short Q&A to determine the best plans for you. If you want to retain a dentist from a previous plan, Guardian is an excellent provider, since it works with the largest network of dentists, with over 330,000 dentists as of writing.

Guardian plans range in price from $16 to $60, depending on how much coverage you need. Additionally, the plans come with a flat 35 percent discount on your appointments. With the majority of Guardian plans, there is a $50 deductible.


Cigna has three dental plans available across a network of 90,000 dentists. All of Cigna’s plans provide global coverage, giving you dental insurance even outside of the United States. The basic plans have a $50 deductible for individuals, which increases to $150 for a family plan. All plans provide free preventive services. With the largest plan, the maximum annual limit is $1,500.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental is another large insurance provider, working with a network of over 340,000 dentists. There are six different plans available, with all plans offering free cleaning and X-rays. Extensive treatment, such as root canals, also receive a substantial discount. The advanced plans also provide orthodontic care, which many other insurance providers do not provide. The cost greatly varies depending on where you live, with the least expensive plans starting around $40, and the most expensive going as high as $190.

Humana Dental Insurance

Humana has multiple insurance plans available. If you choose to bundle your vision and dental insurance from Humana, you receive a $35 discount. Humana has multiple dental plans available, working with a network of over 250,000 dentists. For the basic plans, the annual benefit starts at $1,000, but increases by $250 each additional year. The advanced Savings Plus and Complete Dental plan provide some of the most extensive coverage, also providing discounts for orthodontic care. Additionally, the advanced plans do not have any deductibles. For the basic plans, there is a low, $17 premium.

UnitedHealthOne Dental Insurance

UnitedHealthOne has three dental plans available, each with a $50 deductible. The basic plan is only $19 a month, while the most expensive is $44. UnitedHealthOne has one of the lower annual benefits, beginning with $1,000 on the basic plan, but increasing to $3,000 for the advanced plans. Additionally, the advanced plans provide greater discounts the longer you maintain your plans. One of the downsides to UnitedHealth is the plans often have a waiting period, which can vary depending on your area. While this used to be common with older insurance plans, the majority of dental providers have eliminated waiting periods, so consider looking elsewhere if you need immediate treatment.

Spirit Dental

Spirit Dental prides itself on offering affordable dental insurance to everyone. Every plan includes three cleanings and two exams free of charge. In addition, all of the plans have a $100 lifetime deductible. Spirit has multiple plans available, with some of the largest annual benefits. The annual benefits gradually increase over time, with some going as high as $5,000 after a few years. The most affordable plan has a premium of $27, while the advanced plans go as high as $60. The size of the network also varies depending on your plan.


MetLife is an excellent insurance provider if you want family plans. There are two categories of plans, each with different networks. MetLife includes an excellent orthodontics plan, offering large discounts for children in need of braces. The average premiums largely depend on location, starting as low as $30, but going as high as $120 depending on your state. Each plan has a $50 deductible and maximum benefit of $2,000.


All of the Ameritas plans come with a $50 deductible. Something unique to Ameritas is the Dental Rewards program. With this feature, you can transfer a portion of your unused maximum annual into your future annuals. You also receive two free dental exams each year. Ameritas plans are divided into three categories, known as types, which determine your overall level of care. Ameritas offers competitive plans, with the prices varying depending on your financial history and medical needs. To get an idea of how much a plan costs, you can use their online calculator.

Renaissance Dental

Renaissance Dental is another provider with a large network, partnered with over 300,000 dentists. While there are multiple plans available, each comes with a maximum benefit of $1,000. None of the plans offer orthodontic care, and the Essential plan has a six-month waiting period for restorative care. Renaissance is best for preventive care, with some of the plans covering the entirety of preventive costs. The deductible is $50 for individuals, and $150 for families. The average premium is between $20 and $30, with advanced plans going as high as $38.

Denali Dental

Denali Dental has some of the highest premiums, with even the lowest priced plans starting around $40, and advanced plans going as high as $70. However, it offers some of the best coverage, and the longer you are with the provider, the lower your deductibles become. Your annual maximum also increases, starting around $1,200 but going as high as $6,000. You also receive an 80 percent discount on all preventive services, with advanced plans covering all the preventive costs.