Top 3 VPN Programs

A virtual private network or VPN as they’re called for short, is exactly what the name states. It is a connection method that allows for added security and privacy when using a network. Learn the top 3 VPN programs below.

This can include networks like WIFI and mobile hotspots. A lot of bigger name corporations use VPN’s to protect sensitive data. With the emphasis on people staying home during these unprecedented times, virtual private networks are being utilized more and more right now.

Connecting to a VPN

 A virtual private network works by replacing the user’s initial IP address with one from the VPN provider. VPN provider subscriptions can obtain an IP address from a gateway city that most VPN services provide. For example, you may live in New York but by using a virtual private network, you can appear to live in Los Angeles. Some of the benefits of having a vpn program include:
  • Hide your IP Address – A VPN provider conceals your IP address.

  • Change your IP Address – By using a VPN, you can change to a different IP address very easily and without any stress.

  • Encrypt Data Transfers – When you use a VPN, you are protecting your confidential or sensitive date from being transferred over the WIFI you are using.

  • Mask Your Location – By masking your location, you can potentially open up access to blocked websites that would have normally been blocked due to your IP address location.

Ultimately a VPN is used to protect and provide security for you and businesses.

Average Cost of VPN Programs

Most VPN programs are a monthly subscription. These plans can range anywhere from 1 month to 3-5 month plans. With each program offering different types of features, the costs of VPN programs can vary quite a bit. The average cost of most VPN programs ranges from $7 - $15/month. Some offer yearly plans that range from $30 - $50/year. VPN program subscriptions normally start with a 7-10-day free trial so you can test it out to see if it fits your needs.

Top 3 VPN Programs

Many people may think that connecting to a VPN is difficult but it is actually very simple once you choose the right VPN program to use. Choosing the right program can be difficult, but these are the top 3 VPN programs you should look at.
  • Nord VPN: Consistently ranked the best among all the other VPN programs. Nord VPN currently has the largest network with over 5,700+ servers.

  • Express VPN: Express VPN is another VPN service that comes highly ranked among many users. It works best with streaming services like Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and more. This program has an easy setup and many users are happy with how easy it is to use.

  • IP Vanish: IP Vanish is known for its super-fast connection and easy to use setup. IP Vanish includes strong security features to protect your data.

There are many VPN programs to choose with varying features so make sure to pick what that fits all your needs. Most VPN users suggest doing the free trials first to get a feel for how a VPN works and to determine with brand is best for you.