Top 4 Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

As we get older, we need ways to keep ourselves safe and connected with our loved ones. An affordable cell phone plan is the key for seniors staying connected with family and loved ones when they aren't able to move around as well. Learn more about senior cell phone options.

Our cell phones are our lifeline these days. With the amount of people still utilizing a landline decreasing, the need for affordable cell phone plans is big. The demand for a good cell phone plan is important for seniors as well. Whether it is a basic model flip phone or an advanced smart phone, seniors need affordable cell phone plans that will offer all the features they need.

Cell phone plans can be pretty expensive once you add all the fees and additional features, so it is important to make sure you shop around when looking for a cell phone plan. If you’re a senior, you may actually be eligible for a discount or special cell phones that are tailored for the 55+ cell phone users. If you are retired or planning to retire, you can’t afford to pay a hefty cell phone bill so make sure to check out the affordable cell phone plan providers below.

Finding the Best Cell Phone Provider for Seniors

There are many ways for seniors to save with a cell phone plan and that starts with choosing the best cell phone provider. Compare the top 4 cell phone providers for seniors below.

Consumer Cellular Talk and Connect: Not only have they been an AARP provider for over 10 years, Consumer Cellular is the top cell phone provider providing affordable cell phone plans to seniors. If you’re an AARP member, you can even get an additional 5% off your monthly cell phone bill. Monthly plan rates with Consumer Cellular start as little as $20/month and go up to $37.50/month. With the top plan offering unlimited data, the other more affordable plans still offer shared data making it a good deal for your money. Consumer Cellular even offers an EasyPay program that allows for financing of certain cell phone devices.

T-Mobile Magenta Unlimited 55+: T-Mobile offers amazing cell phone plan discounts that are exclusively for seniors 55 and over. With 3 tiers of plan offerings, there are many features to choose from. One of the best benefits of getting a senior cell phone plan with T-Mobile is that all of the tiered plans include unlimited text, talk and data. That is a steal! Another great benefit of going with a 55+ senior cell phone plan with T-Mobile is the ability to cancel your contract at any time with no annual service contract required. T-Mobile Magenta Unlimited Plans start at $27.50/month and go up to $37.50/month.

Sprint Unlimited 55+: The Sprint Unlimited 55+ offers amazing savings for seniors 55 and over. This plan offers unlimited talk, text and data. Sprint offers the perfect plan for seniors with rates starting as low as $35/month per line. The Sprint Unlimited 55+ also offers free text and basic data in more than 200 worldwide destinations.

Republic Wireless: Republic Wireless is consistently awared annually for being the best bang for your buck when it comes to choosing a cell phone plan. Not only that, Republic Wireless structures plans that are conducive to seniors 55 and over. Due to this, seniors can expect to find affordable pricing on monthly Republic Wireless cell phone plans. There are no hidden contracts or fees. Plans for seniors 55 and over start as low as $15/month and are never more than $150/year. All plans include unlimited talk, text and data. The lowest tier plan starts at $15/month and the top tier plan starts at $25/month which is still and affordable rate for a cell phone plan!

Affinity Cellular: For some seniors, a simple talk, text and data cell phone plan will do the trick! Affinity Cellular offers cell phone plans for smartphone users like seniors who don't need unlimited everything. Affinity Cellular has plans to meet your needs! Some seniors just want a cell phone in case of an emergency or to make a few calls, even send some text some messages but why pay so much? Affinity Cellular offers cell phone users who need the basics with 4G LTE for only $20! Talk, Text, and Data for only $20 a month for senior cell phone users.

Benefits of a Senior Friendly Cell Phone Plan: 5G & More!

While many may say their older relatives don’t need a fancy smart phone or the best cell phone on the market, they still need to find an affordable plan that works for their needs. There are many cell phone providers offering senior friendly cell phone plans. By moving to a cell phone plan that is designed for seniors, one can expect a significant decrease in the monthly cell phone plan expense. Make sure to check cell phone provider websites for senior discounts as well as searching online for deals.

Everybody these days are searching for the cell phone plans with the best coverae and speed. Luckily, most of the cell phone providers that offer senior cell phone discounts to seniors already have 5G capability. Currently Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Mint Mobile, Consumer Cellular all have 5G capability. Republic Wireless has stated that 5G is in the works for their unlimited packages in the future.

Free or Low Cost Phones for Seniors

Due to the necessity of having a phone for emergency and loved one contact, there are actually programs available for seniors to find cell phones for free or at a discounted price. One notable program is the federal Lifeline program. While this program is also available for other low income age demographics, it is especially beneficial for seniors who are living on a fixed retirement income. The Lifeline program offers a free cell phone and minutes each month for individuals who qualify. For more information about the Lifeline program and how it could benefit you, check out this helpful Lifeline program resource to learn more.