Top 5 Home Alarm Systems

Home is where the heart is. It is also where your children live, your pets live, your personal valuables are stored and family memories are made. What more reasons are needed to protect your home from fires, floods, trespassing, burglaries and/or other home invasions?             
The top home alarm systems contain state of the art features and technologies designed to give your home the protection it deserves. There are still various types of home alarm systems, each with potentially unique costs, installation types and contract lengths. Knowing which alarm system is best for your home requires research and awareness of your specific needs.

Is your home located in an area prone to flooding? Do you use gas heat or appliances? Do you live in a neighborhood where higher crime rates are prevalent? Does personal staff such as a nanny or home cleaner have access to your home while you are at work or otherwise away? The answers to all these questions play a role in deciding which home alarm system is best suited to protect your home from potential threats. Read on for tips and information about the top 5 home alarm systems available today. 

The Importance of Having a Home Alarm System          

Your home is likely the most important place in the world to you. If you have a family, your home takes on an even more important role. Raising your children creates unique, precious memories only able to be experienced once. Your home is also meant to protect your children from outside harm. Having a top home alarm system is designed to protect your home and family from threats from both outside and within. 

Carbon monoxide leaks are toxic when inhaled over even shortly sustained periods of time. Worse yet, leaks in homes using natural gas are susceptible to fires and explosions. Smoke inhalation is another serious and dangerous risk from fires. Floodwaters in your home are also dangerous, leading to potential drowning and even electrocution. Even when not home during one of these disasters, a good home alarm system is able to alert you, and the appropriate emergency response teams, to the situation for timely home rescue responses.

The top home alarm systems are also able to detect intruders and even accidentally open or unlocked doors and windows. Violating the integrity of any door, window or other opening sets off silent alarms sent to local law enforcement, other applicable first responders and you. This is crucial when home to protect the safety of you and your family. When away from home it helps protect your valuable possessions, assets and pets. There is a burglary at approximately every thirteen-second interval in America. Houses not having home alarm systems installed have a three hundred percent increase in risk of being burglarized or invaded. The importance of having a home alarm system to protect your house and family cannot be overstated.

Types of Home Alarm Systems & Installation Types

Various types of home alarm systems exist on the market today. The job of each is similar, which is to protect some or all of your home from danger and harm. Some specialize in specific types of alerts and security. Other systems have more features and therefore more security benefits. 

A monitored home alarm system is connected to a live, remote security team every hour of every day. Technology is top-tier and operated by a central control panel. These types of systems have sensors on doors and windows. They employ advanced motion detectors outside and inside the house. They also give the option of sounding silent or clearly audible alerts.

Unmonitored home alarm systems employ most of the same technology and have the same features as a monitored system, sans the 24/7 remote security team. A lighting system might also be used to scare off potential intruders or alert neighbors to potential threats. An unmonitored home alarm system is monitored via your smartphone, tablet or other smart system device. Engaging and disengaging the system is also possible via smart technology.

Wired and wireless home alarm installation systems are also available. Wired systems are connected to phone or electrical lines. Unwired systems are easier to install. These systems are not as deeply featured as monitored/unmonitored systems, but still work effectively for many types of home security purposes. 

There are also home alarm systems focusing on protecting your home from fire and smoke. These are more advanced than typical home fire alarms and even alert to gas and carbon monoxide leaks. Glass break detectors alert homeowners to broken windows or glass doors via smart technology or other assigned systems. Critical alarm systems alert you to indoor flooding due to flash floods, storms or broken pipes. 

Average Costs of Home Alarm Systems & Installations

Home alarm systems charge monthly service and installation fees. Installation fees for a top home alarm system range between just under $300 to just under $1,000. However, the average cost of an installation for a home alarm system in the U.S. is approximately $683. There are also additional costs for applicable gear and equipment. There are basic equipment packages capable of costing an additional $600. Systems upgraded with advanced technology such as extra sensors, smart home features, additional cameras and more accrue further costs. Sales, specials and discounts for package deals sometimes reduce these charges. 

Monthly services charges vary per provider. Contract lengths also vary per provider but commonly range from one to five years or more. Paying for a year of service in advance usually results in being charged reduced rates. Some companies also offer descending rate scales with each year of contracted service. In one example from ADT, the monthly cost is $42.40 for the first year, $38.07 per month for the second year and $36.70 per month for a third year, excluding all repairs, replacements and upgrades. ADT monthly rates do not represent rates for other home alarm companies. Early termination fees also frequently apply when canceling a contract before its final payment date. The latter is true for most home alarm companies.

Top 5 Home Alarm Systems

There are many quality home alarm systems on the market. Some companies have earned consumer trust due to reliability and proven efficacy in action. Each of the top home alarm systems on this list offers varied pricing, features and service plans. Each company is also a proven consumer favorite. Links to the top 5 home alarm systems available today are provided below:

  1. ADT

  2. SimpliSafe

  3. Vivint

  4. Cove

  5. FrontPoint