Top 5 Ways to Find a Cleaning Job

In these unprecedented times, many with different trade skills are forced to get creative in finding work. One service that is overlooked is cleaning. There are actually quite a few reputable cleaning services that homeowners and commercial businesses rely on to keep their space clean.

It is especially important to find somebody who can clean a space to the specifications that are needed during these crazy times. You may have found yourself here as you yourself are looking for a cleaning job. With families and businesses being cautious with who comes into their home or business, it can be rather difficult to find a cleaning job right now. Not surprisingly, cleaning services are in high demand right now as many people are staying home. Nobody wants to live in their own mess. While the requirements needed to enter an establishment for the sole purpose of providing a cleaning service may be difficult with certain limitations, it is definitely not impossible. Are you looking for cleaning jobs but unsure where to start?

Best Ways to Find a Cleaning Job Near You: Where To Start

  • Contact Reputable Cleaning Services Near You: While it may seem the opposite of what you should do, it is best to first reach out to a cleaning service near you first. Many have had to let employees go or employees have chosen to leave for an abundance of caution for themselves and their families. These professional cleaning services may actually have a big demand for freelance cleaners that can work various schedules during these unprecedented times.

  • Reach Out to Commercial Business Owners: Believe it or not, many business owners actually utilize freelance cleaning services as they are flexible. A business can have a cleaning crew in at night during non-business hours to avoid exposure to the public as well as have a safe space to clean in. Some property managers actually refer their janitorial services to tenants and includes it as part of the rent. Most of these jobs would only require minimal training to get an idea of the size of space that will need to be cleaned each time.

  • Contact Property Management Owners: As mentioned in the previous tip, you should create a list of property management owners in your area. You may find that some are actually in need of freelance cleaning services. Make sure you have an idea of what you want to charge for your cleaning services as many property management companies will need to know your rate up front before they can make any kind of decisions. These property management companies are responsible for keeping their spaces clean for their tenants so it is a service they cannot simply go without.

  • Build a Portfolio: As any freelance job, you’ll want to be able to show future or potential clients the type of quality work you perform. Just like a photographer, you’re going to want to have a portfolio of cleaning jobs you’ve completed and even reviews from past customers if possible. Types of photos such as a before and after of a space you cleaned are sure to show your impressive service to potential employers.

  • Utilize a Job Hunting Service: There are many online cleaning job resources at your disposal. Sometimes all it takes is a simple search on google to find cleaning jobs near you. Within your search, you may find resources such as,, or even Craigslist that regularly posts cleaning jobs that residential or business owners are in need of. These types of resources post both part-time and full-time cleaning jobs and normally include the usual cleaning jobs you are accustomed to.

As with any freelance job, you may not find what you’re looking for right away, but stay motivated and using these above tips will surely help you on your search!