Top Vans of 2019

If you are looking for a new car in 2019 there are a lot of cars that come to mind. Choosing your next vehicle for purchase can be a tough decision since many factors will likely come into play. If you are looking for a family van you are likely looking for a spacious car, handles well on the road, and is safe. Here are some of the top vans of 2019 to help you decide on the next car you should purchase.

#1) Honda Odyssey

This top-rated popular van has been awarded the 2019 Kelley Blue Book Minivan Best Buy Award for its excellent value, great design, and various safety features. This vehicle has been around for many years but each year Honda works to improve upon the previous version. This is a great option because it is very affordable when compared to others. This vehicle seats eight and includes eight different airbags to keep the whole family safe. It features a forward collision warning, lane warnings, and lane-keep assist. It features a lot of cargo room and sliding side doors for convenience.

#2) Chrysler Pacifica

This is another great purchase in 2019 because it comes in two different models, the regular Chrysler Pacifica and the popular Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. While the hybrid is a little more expensive it can certainly save you money in the long run because it is very gas efficient. The hybrid model switches effortlessly from gas to electric and can accelerate quickly. This vehicle is also very safe, a great ride, and handles well on all highways and curves. These cars are very spacious and perfect for traveling with the whole family.

#3) Toyota Sienna

This popular van is a great purchase, however, it may lack some of the modern features of the previous two vans. It features great cargo space that is perfect for hauling the whole family around. It is a smooth and comfortable ride and can accelerate quickly on all roads. It is available in all-wheel drive if the climate you live in requires this. The technology that is featured in the vehicle is user-friendly and easy to figure out.

#4) Kia Sedona

This van is moderately priced and very affordable if you are looking to purchase a van for the family. It is an extremely safe vehicle with high safety scores during testing. The technology in the van has been updated to satisfy today's need for entertainment and more innovative technology. The 2019 model also features an eight-speed transmission as opposed to the previous year's six-speed transmission. This new feature makes the vehicle a more powerful ride that can accelerate much more quickly. While the Sedona can fit the whole family its competitors tend to be a little more spacious, since this one can only accommodate seven.

If you are looking to purchase your next car you should highly consider these best vans of 2019. These cars all have high safety scores, are spacious, powerful, and a great buy for the family.