Find Trash Pickup Services Near You

Learn more about how to setup trash removal services for your household. Discover how to arrange hazardous material pickup and junk removal.

Trash removal is something you want to set up as soon as possible when you move into a new home. In most locations, your trash removal is handled by the same group that picks up your recycling. If you live anywhere with a homeowners association (HOA) garbage removal may already be built into your fee. If this is the case, check to see whether you have a traditional trash pickup service or if you must bring your garbage to a communal dumpster. With apartments, a communal dumpster is more common, while some condos use individual trash cans.

Once you set up your garbage removal services, make sure you understand how often trash is picked up and what items are covered. Many trash removal services only provide bulky pickup once a week. Sometimes, you must also request it in advance. If you want a larger garbage or recycling bin, you may have to pay additional fees.

Trash Removal Fees

No matter where you live, you must pay trash removal fees. In most locations, you are charged a monthly fee. How much trash removal costs greatly varies by location, sometimes being as low as $20 a month or as high as $80. Most locations also charge a one-time setup fee when you move in, which costs between $30 to $70.

You must also pay a fee based on the size of your container. Most trash removal services offer three different sizes of trash bins. A 32-gallon container holds two trash bags, a 64-gallon bin holds three and a 96-gallon bin has space for seven bags. 32-gallon containers cost around $30 to $40, 64-gallons cost $70 to $80 and the 96-gallon options cost $115 to $125.

Unfortunately, trash removal options are often limited, but depending on where you live, you may have a few options. As of writing, the two largest trash removal services are Republic Services and Waste Management. If you are unhappy with the costs of local services, you can check with either of these removal services for lower prices.

Items not Covered by Trash Pickup

There are some items that, no matter where you live, will not be collected by your local trash pickup. Anything that is considered hazardous waste must be disposed of specially. Some of these items are obvious, such as firearms and prescription medication, but other items are less obvious. For example, paint cans and dead batteries are classified as hazardous waste. Many gardening products as well as any cleaning products with ammonia or bleach are also hazardous. You are also unable to throw out fluorescent light bulbs or thermostats.

Waste Management has an extensive list of what products are considered hazardous. In some states, Waste Management provides hazardous material pickup through their At Your Door Special Collection. You must contact Waste Management directly to setup this service. They also run a Recycle by Mail program. If you sign up for this, you are provided with a special kit to safely recycle hazardous items. You must pay a fee for the recycling kit, based on the size of the kit. The price varies based on your trash removal service, costing anywhere from $60 to $120. If neither of these services are an option, you must contact your trash removal service and find out where the nearest drop-off location is for hazardous materials.

Junk Removal

Junk is another category of trash. Junk refers to heavier, bulky items that does not fit into garbage containers. Old furniture and large appliances are the most common type of junk. Each trash pickup service handles junk in a different way. In some locations, each neighborhood has a designated day where junk removal is allowed, sometimes requiring you to schedule the removal in advance. In other locations, you must schedule junk pickup and pay a small fee for the service. If neither of these are an option, you must either bring your items to a junkyard or you can rent a dumpster from a junk removal service.


One of the best resources for junk removal is Dumpsters.Com. As the name implies, the website specializes in dumpster rentals. Not only does the website have an extensive collection of dumpsters, but it also provides you information about each size of dumpster. You can use a weight calculator to get an estimate of the overall weight of your junk, which helps you choose a dumpster size. You can call the company directly to get additional information or assistance. Price estimates are determined by both weight and dumpster size.

Load Up

If you need to quickly get rid of junk from your home, Load Up is an excellent junk removal service. Load Up is one of the few junk removal services that provides on-demand, same day removal. If you have a minimal amount of junk, you may be able to schedule curb-side pickup. For larger items, Load Up will provide a dumpster, which you can rent for several days. Once the dumpster is filled up, Load Up will send a truck to retrieve the dumpster and get rid of all the items.