Top 4 Travel Insurance Providers

Travel insurance is an important component of each and every trip you take because it protects you from unexpected hiccups, illness, and accidents. The costs associated with travel are high, and when things go wrong, it helps to have the costs that you have already paid covered. As a traveler, the benefits of travel insurance far outweigh the cost.

These are the best travel insurance providers, the type of insurance they provide, and an idea of the costs for each.

1. AIG Travel Guard:

AIG Travel Guard is owned and operated by the larger and well known AIG insurance company. Because of this, AIG Travel Guard has the benefit of more resources and types of coverage. Any trip size and cost, anywhere in the world, can be covered, but this company and its plans are great for expensive, luxury, or equipment heavy trips where high cost expenditures are being made. Because of this, you can expect to pay anywhere from five to seven percent of the cost of the trip and any equipment you are interested in covering.

2. Allianz Travel Insurance:

Allianz Travel Insurance gets high rating from travelers all over the world that regularly use their services. Some of the biggest and most important reasons for these great reviews is the sheer size and type of coverage offered by the company. They are global, not just in areas where they offer coverage, but in agents and services. Rates are lower, claims and service are handled fast and to the satisfaction of a huge majority of their clients.

3. Travelex Insurance:

The Travelex Insurance company is based in Australia and a favorite of Australians, but anyone can purchase coverage from the company. This plan is ideal for family and long duration trips that involve several modes of transportation. Buyers can customize the type of coverage they want, and even extend the length of the coverage needed. The company provides four distinct policies, from basic to plus, and start at under $20. The reimbursements and emergency coverage rates are some of the highest in the industry and are paid out fast.

4. IMG Global:

There are several different types of travel insurance, and IMG Global is known for being a reputable and great choice for expats living in a single location for a long duration of time. Medical and emergency coverage is their specialty, and is available to expats that do not qualify for local health coverage as citizens of another country. Because of this specialized coverage, the plans are at a per person rate and average about one hundred dollars per traveler, per month. The travel health insurance benefits and plans offer coverage that is similar to what you would expect from a typical health insurance provider, with the added benefits of trip cancellation coverage and emergency evacuations caused by a natural disaster or medical emergency.

Travel insurance companies are different, and so is every plan they provide so it is important to know what type of coverage you require before you begin shopping around.