Easily Edit Your Videos With Video Editing Software

Top video editing software are available to create high-quality videos for any purpose. Learn how to edit your videos with video editing software today.

Creating quality videos is an essential part of success for numerous types of businesses today. Even if you are creating videos for personal or entertainment purposes you want them to be of the highest possible quality. Fortunately, multiple top video editing software are available to assist consumers in the creation of high-quality videos for any purpose imaginable.

Pricing is always important, regardless of the product. Before making any purchases, it is advisable to research all options, features and price-points available for each video editing software product on the market. Continue reading to learn how to easily edit your videos with video editing software today.

Video Editing Software - Here’s What It Does

Editing video is an involved process regardless of the experience of the editor and purpose of the video. The details and complexity of the editing process tend to increase with the nature of the video, however. For example, editing video for a professionally made Hollywood film involves more work and a lengthier process than editing home footage of a birthday party, graduation ceremony or social media post. Still, many videos recorded and worked on by novice to intermediate-level editors involve varying degrees of complexity and detail-oriented tasks.

This is where video editing software enter the picture. Video editing software manipulates video and movie files by generating, modifying, and editing footage in seemingly endless number of ways. Video editing software remove (cut) sections of video and create visually appealing transitions from one scene to another. Effects are added to enhance or create different moods or impact. Clips and scenes are interchangeable to help create fluidity and consistency in the story or flow of the presentation. Essentially, if you can imagine it, the best video editing programs on the market can make it happen. 

Video Editing Software - Understanding Its Importance

Video editing software is important due to the significant role video has been playing and continues to play in modern online marketing strategies. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an umbrella method used to increase the visibility of your website or other online media presentation. SEO is also used to increase the likelihood of your online content rising to the top of search queries. Google-friendly SEO strategies are integral to the success of your online presence but optimization for Bing and other search engines is also important. How does all this apply to videos and video editing software?

According to a 2017 HubSpot-facilitated survey almost fifty-percent of marketers were preparing to utilize Facebook and YouTube channels for video distribution in 2018. Thirty-three percent of inbound marketers stated videos and other visual content creations were their top priority for 2018 and beyond. Now in 2021, video marketing accounts for a massive eighty-percent+ of all internet traffic. Essentially, if you intend to have a successful business and online presence in modern times you need to incorporate high-quality, well-edited videos into your marketing strategies.

Benefits and Features

The best video editing software include features, which when used to their potential also create multiple benefits. The features you need will depend on the type of videos you record, their purpose and your editing skills and experience. Most of the benefits experienced by using the best video editing software apply to all users, however.


Video editing software simplifies the video creation process, which saves you valuable time. This is important if you are using videos for marketing purposes. This is also important even if your videos are created for personal use. In the business world time saved equates to money earned. Your personal time is also valuable. The faster your video is edited, completed, and posted online the sooner you are able to spend your time handling other important responsibilities. Video editing software is also an affordable way to market your ideas and products or simply get your ideas online generating interest. Hiring a professional video editor is often expensive. Conversely, many video editing software licenses are attainable through affordable monthly or annual subscription payment plans.

The amount of time video editing software saves you and your staff as a business owner also supports increased productivity. Both financial and manpower-based resources are assignable to other priorities when not spent on lengthy, arduous video editing projects. Video content is also what consumers want in modern times. Videos are appealing and attract customers, clients, or fans to your products (whatever they might be). Finally, video editing software allows you to have complete customizable control over how you present your products, company, or ideas.


Video editing software allows for cuts, transitions and the rearranging of clips and scenes. Typical features also include fading in and out of not only the beginning and end of the video but also individual scenes. Additional common features found in top video editing software today include:

  • Blurring of entire clips and scenes.

  • Blurring of background or foreground activity.

  • Color correction and exposure adjustment.

  • Trimming of the beginnings and endings of clips and scenes.

  • Frame cropping.

  • Special effects.

  • Background music, foley and voice over insertions and additional audio editing.

Best-Rated Video Editing Softwares to Buy Right Now

Some video editing software is designed for beginner to intermediate-level users. Other platforms are designed for intermediate to expert-level (professional) editors. Some video editing software companies offer tiered levels of their programs to provide options for users creating videos for all imaginable purposes.

Apple iMovie is one of the most popular video editing softwares on the market for beginners. This program integrates perfectly with Apple systems but does not work on PC systems. Top features include social media platform integration and green-screen capabilities. Apple iMovie is free and comes pre-installed on new (and many older) Apple computers. As is the case with most Apple products, however, it is important to stay up-to-date with current Apple operating systems as support for older macOS versions is not always available.

Adobe Premier Pro is one of the top programs available for demanding, expansive and professional video editing purposes. Different pricing tiers are available for individuals, academic institution members (students and teachers) and businesses. A free trial is offered for all programs and pricing for individual plans starts at only $20.99 per month. Additional top video editing softwares and their base-package pricing include:

Additional Free Options

Black Magic Design (creators of Davinci Resolve Studio 17) also offer a limited Davinci Resolve 17 version of their program for free. Lumen5 is a popular program with both free and paid versions available ($11 through $149 per month). Additional free video editing software available today include: