Walkin Tub Buying Tips

When a consumer is doing a comparison of walk-in tub brands there are a few basic facts about walk-in tubs that they need to know. The standard bathtub is about one foot in depth, walk in tubs are roughly two and a half feet in depth. In addition to the depth difference, walk in tubs also are designed differently.

Compare Walk In Tub Styles

Walk-in tubs are made with a door that swings open to allow easy accessibility. Some of these doors are larger than others to allow for wheelchair accessibility. For a consumer who is shopping for which walk-in tub brand has the best deals they need to first figure out exactly what type of feature they need on their walk-in tub. Door size for wheel chairs is a huge price variation from door size for standard entry.

There is a huge price variation depending upon features that a person would want in their tub. Walk in tubs range from $500-$9000 in price. A consumer will need to make a list of the features they want which will include swinging door size, bench seat options, anti-slip bars, anti-slip traction and other design options.

Once the list is made it is wise to contact a distributor for accurate pricing. When searching for walk-in tub brand and model info a great place to start is the consumer affairs website.

Best Rated Walk In Tub Brands

  • Safe Step Walk in Tubs: These tubs hydrotherapy tubs and designed with anti-slip traction.

  • Independent Home: This is a nationwide walk in tub company that features walk in hydrotherapy tubs. This company features one day installation.

  • Jacuzzi Walk-In Tubs: This brand features depths to neck length and air flow that circulates bubbles for relaxation.

  • HydroDimensions: This company has basic and hydrotherapy tubs in various design features.

Be sure when searching for a walk-in tub that you read consumer reviews and contact the company to speak with a tub installation professional. This professional will be able to give you the necessary information to help you make the right tub decision.