Create Your Own Website Easy With A Website Builder

Using a website builder costs less than hiring a professional web designer. Learn how to create your own website with a top website builder today.

When you are looking to design your own website, it is advisable to take advantage of one of the many top website builders available today. Utilizing a website builder costs less on average than hiring a professional web designer. User-friendly customizable options are also available to make the process much easier than it was in even the recent past. Continue reading to learn how to easily create your own website with a top website builder today.

What Is a Website Builder?

A website builder is essentially a DIY method of creating a website, albeit one where pre-designed templates and other assistance-based features are available to help complete the task. Website builders allow users to build websites without knowledge of code or possession of design training. The best website builder service providers offer multiple templates, styles and suggestions from which to choose. Designed with ease of use in mind, most website builders feature drag-and-drop or simple upload processes for adding various types of media to your site. Two main types of website builders are available. While online and offline platforms both yield similar results, they each go about helping you create your website in different ways.

Online Website Builders

Online website builders are available through web-based service providers. No software downloads are required to begin building your website. The two primary components needed are things you most likely already have on-hand (a Wi-Fi/internet connection and a reliable browser such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.). Online website builders allow users to work on websites from any location and device where a reliable Wi-Fi connection is available. Many services also include domain setup and hosting features, which is highly convenient for DIY web designers with little-to-no experience. Online website builders are typically compatible with both macOS and Windows systems, although it is recommended to verify specifications before making any purchases. Wix and Squarespace are two examples of popular online website builders today.

Offline Website Builders

Offline website builders function as programs you install onto your computer. Offline builders are either downloaded from a provider site or loaded from a CD, DVD, or external hard drive. Most commonly, however, offline website builders are downloadable programs you install and operate from your own system. This means you also save all your website-related files onto your computer, including pictures, videos, music, documents, avatars and more. Once your website building process is complete you upload your site and files to a web hosting service.

An offline builder affords you opportunities to modify website from any location whether Wi-Fi is available or not. Using an offline web builder therefore requires more knowledge and skill than using an online builder. When using an offline builder, you must also purchase an account with a web hosting service. Most offline web builders are compatible with both macOS and Windows systems, but some are not. Be certain to research all specifications before purchasing an offline builder.
WordPress + Elementor and Mobirise are two examples of popular offline website builders today.

Basic Skills Required

Successfully operating an online or offline website builder requires a minimum knowledge of basic computer skills. Specific skills required vary based on the computer operating system you use, although numerous skills apply to both Apple and PC users. For example, all users need to be able to download and install software. Even online web builder services sometimes require the download and installation of certain site-enhancing widgets and extensions. DIY web designers need the ability to read, process, and follow instructions. Basic photo editing skills are also required. For example, sometimes photos chosen for upload are improperly sized and will not function well on a website. Typing and solid writing skills are also an important to have, especially when creating and uploading your own content to your website.

Choosing a Web Builder Over Hiring a professional Web Designer

Hiring a professional website designer cost approximately $6,800 per website on average. Prices of course vary up and down based on the size, type and purpose of your website and each provider’s fee policies. Conversely, using Squarespace and MechanicWeb costs between $12 and $40 per month or between $11.66 and $18.95 per month respectively. Using a web builder service saves money over hiring a professional designer, which is beneficial for new businesses and entrepreneurs of any type looking to create an online presence on a budget. Using a web builder requires more personal elbow grease from you up front but once the site is built, updates are often simple and quick to complete.

Still Undecided? Check Out the Benefits Website Builders Provide

If you are creating a website, you ultimately have some need for an online presence. This is true for sole proprietors and individual entrepreneurs. This is also true for small business and large corporations. Using a website builder gives you an online presence with moderate effort on your part and at an affordable price. The best website builders have automatic search engine optimization (SEO) features to automatically optimize your site for online search viability, market visibility and overall longevity. 

How Long Does Building a Website Take?

The answer to this question depends on the size of your website (how many pages), how much content needs to be uploaded and how quickly you master the learning curve of the website builder. The answer also depends on the amount of time you have to spend creating it. Many landing pages are easily built in an hour or less. Online stores take significantly more time to create, especially if you have a large amount of inventory. Building a website with a web builder program ultimately takes a few days through a few weeks to several months depending on all factors listed above.

Best-Rated Website Builder Tools Available for Purchase Now

Squarespace is one of the best web builders available today. Pros include a large number of striking templates, an intuitive design approach and top-tier features. Cons include a moderate learning curve and no phone support for customers. Squarespace offers a free trial. Paid plans run from $12 to $46 per month.

Wix is another top-rated web builder today. Pros include a non-restrictive unstructured editor, which allows users to drag-and-drop content anywhere. Conversely, the unstructured editor is also one of the few cons to using Wix. Its free-form approach allows for more user errors and bug-like behavior. Additional pros include a large number of useful features and over five-hundred available themes. Wix offers a completely free version with limited features. Wix paid versions start at $14 per month, with an annual domain renewal costing another $14.95 per year. 

Webflow is a top-rated web builder due to its nearly unlimited customization options. Additional pros to using Webflow include its full content management system (CMS) and “Editor” interface service for both freelancer and entire-team customer support. Because Webflow is so comprehensive its learning curve is also somewhat complex. Most users find the unlimited customization capabilities offset the time required to learn the program, however. A free trial is provided. Webflow site plans are priced in tiers from $12 through $36 per month (Enterprise plans priced by custom quote only). Webflow Standard, Plus and Advanced Ecommerce plans cost $29, $74, and $212 per month respectively.