Wedding Registry Options

People love love, especially when it is between two people they care about. Creating a wedding registry is a way to allow friends and family to shower a newly wedded couple with love and celebrate the upcoming nuptials. It is also a great way for the soon-to-be-wedded couple to figure out some gifts they would like to start their new lives with. There are so many types of wedding registries to choose from today, but one thing is for certain: a wedding registry is not something you want to skip out on!

Traditional Wedding Registry

The traditional route is an excellent option for all couples. They can choose one to three stores and either pick out gifts in person or online. The in-person option is a great choice because it is a great date for the couple and an excellent way to make sure what they are picking out is what they actually want and will use. The online route is a smart alternative, however, because it allows for a greater variety of gifts.

Either way, all of the items registered for are compiled into a registry that can be accessed online or in-person at no charge to the couple or their guests. Typically, the online registry will come with a unique URL, and the in-person registry will come with a code guests can use to purchase gifts. It's incredibly convenient and ensures the happy couple goes home with exactly what they want, and guests don't have to overthink anything! There is no guesswork as to how to find the wedding registry, and there is no confusion as to how to setup the wedding registry either! Check out these traditonal wedding registry sites below for more ideas or to find a friend or loved ones wedding registry.

Honeymoon Registry

A newer type of registry that is taking the wedding world by storm is the honeymoon registry. These registries allow the couple to select their honeymoon destination, and their guests can either gift experiences, such as $25 for a date at a Parisian café, or any monetary amount that will go towards airfare or accommodations. After the wedding, the couple can transfer their honeymoon funds directly into their bank account and apply them towards their special getaway. These honeymoon registries are an outstanding choice for adventurous couples who might not be able to afford going on the honeymoon of their dreams after planning an entire wedding from the ground up. Most honeymoon registries are also free to setup, though some will charge a small percentage on gifts made via credit card. Check out these honeymoon wedding registry sites below for more ideas or to locate a friend/loved ones wedding registry.

Cash Registry

A serious alternate to the classic route, cash registries are the perfect fit for couples who want to make a large purchase after getting married. Cash registries can be used toward a down payment or furniture purchases for a new home. Like the honeymoon registry, these registries are free to set up but do charge processing fees that either the couple can absorb or the gift giver can choose to pay or have taken out of their monetary gift. Check out some cash wedding registry websites below for more ideas or to find a loved ones wedding registry.

As you can see there are plenty of wedding registry options to choose from. Make sure to find one that works best for you!