Affordable Paper Shredding Options

Finding a reliable and trustworthy paper shredding service to securely destroy your important documents is important. Make sure to find a reliable paper shredding service near you.

If you haven't considered using a mobile shredding service for your home or office, it's time you knew about the benefits. Paper shredding companies are a real game-changer. It's always been considered diligent to properly dispose of any important papers and documents with personal information on them, but more than just discouraging dumpster-diving and identity theft, document shredding services provide a must-do, ecological benefit too.

Mobile Shredding: A Safe Solution

While the majority of us are going digital with as much as we possibly can, there still exists the hard file concept and desire to create the paper-trail of old. Did you know that shredding companies do surprisingly more than just destroy no longer needed documents? They also play another very important role that saves hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in expenses annually. Businesses deal with confidential information on a daily basis. From payroll to competitor marketing strategies, a specialized, commercial, on site shredding service gives you the peace of mind that such documents will never fall into the wrong hands.

Ecological Impact of Paper Shredding

Once papers are shredded and processed, the material can be recycled. The impact of recycling paper alone, allows for less energy consumption, less pollution, and ongoing conservation of natural resources. "Going Green" is an inspiring position for a company of any size, and it can be accomplished by:
  • Working Smart

  • Save Energy

  • Borrow Instead of Buying

Paper Shredding companies offer mobile shredding services so that companies can stay focused on the work that they need to do and still participate in saving energy and taking advantage of "borrowing" shredding technology instead of buying an entire process of their own.

Types of Paper Shredding Services

Commercial paper shredding services are available in different sizes and methods. Some types of paper shredding machines deconstruct documents in various patterns and some use industrial size equipment that transforms papers into sheer particles. Regardless of type, using any paper shredding service allows for better, safer document management. It is best to do a quick search on Google to find types of paper shredding services available near you. Check out the services of one of the nationwide paper shredding brands here. The types of services that most shredding companies provide include the following:
  • One Time Shredding Service

  • Regularly Scheduled Paper Shredding Service

  • Drop Off Shredding Service

  • Hard Drive Destruction Service

  • Media Destruction Service

  • Specialty Shredding Service

Commercial Shredding Benefits

Paying for a paper shredding service is a measurable investment just like any business expense. It's better overall to use a service instead of dealing with an in-office machine that will continuously require repair. Shredding companies are professionals at assessing a companies need and setting up a schedule so that it is as advantageous to the business as possible. Companies save money on maintenance and don't have to worry about data breach from in-house employees accidentally coming across confidential information. Paper shredding service is for literally everyone. Whether you require a once in a while, or a more regular basis of document shredding, it's great that these services are ready and relatively easy to find. Paper shredding companies can also offer locked receptacles to store documents securely until they are either picked up or to be shredded on site. Further, the company will also provide relative "certificates of disposal" guaranteeing proof of proper destruction of company property.

Nationwide Paper Shredding Companies

The concept of requesting a paper shredding business to come to a residential or commercial location may be new to some but there are nationwide paper shredding companies that provide this exact type of white glove service. Just make sure you have all of the documents you want shredded packed together to make the transfer with a paper shredding company even more seamless. Unsure which company to go with? Check out these reputable paper shredding companies below.
  • Shred-IT: Shred-it currently has over 170 locations nationwide in the United States. The provide services such as paper shredding, hard drive & media destruction, specialty shredding and more. Get a customized quote today.

  • ProShred: ProShred is one of the many shredding services in the nation that provides mobile shredding. You can actually view your documents getting shredded to give you peace of mind. Check out ProShred to get a quote.

  • Shred-Tech: Shred-Tech offers document destruction, shredding, and recycling services. They have pioneered the shredding and document desctruction industry with expertly designed efficient shredding trucks. Check them out today to get a quote tailored for you.

Find Free Shredding Events Near You

Whichever company you decide to go with, make sure you get a customized quote first. If you want it to be cost effective, check to see if there are any free shredding events near you. Most cities hold a free document shredding event where you simply bring the items you need shredded on a certain day and time. Learn more about free shredding events near you here.