Affordable Senior Dental Insurance

Do you or a loved one need senior dental coverage? Use this guide to find the best dental coverage for seniors.

Dental coverage for senior citizens is not much different from the coverage policies that the younger crown can receive. The differences being that the senior dental coverage covers dental issues more common in seniors and focuses on those. These covered procedures include root canals, tooth replacement, dentures, and crowns. These, however, are not only just senior dental issues but happen more regularly in seniors. So, senior dental coverage is needed to help keep their teeth healthy and happy.

Some of the better dental coverage options for seniors help with saving money in retirement living while receiving the best help you can get. Most of the policies cover many procedures, minimal co-pay, and short waiting times when visiting for a dental procedure. Read below to find out more on the best dental coverage for seniors.


Boasting nearly 13 million dental members and 50 years of experience Aetna has become the most far-reaching coverage plan within this article. Aetna has nearly 120,000 practicing dentists under their wing which helps when searching for a practitioner who is local. Aetna is available in most states and has a variety of online services such as finding a dentist, claim and statement checks, and cost estimates.

Aetna has two tier of coverage seniors can choose from. The Preferred PPO is one tier and is followed by the lower-tier Core PPO coverage plan. These plans cover no wait preventative services as well as have a 20-50% coinsurance.


Cigna has been chosen time and time again as the best coverage specialist for preventative care as they are cost effective and have a deductible and copay of 0$ for preventative services. Aetna is geared toward making life easy with no paperwork claims as the dentist will do this for you, and a call center for your convenience that is open 24/7. There are three plans for seniors to pick from though the basic plan only covers preventative dental care, though in-plan preventative dental care is paid for completely. The next coverage plan is called Cigna Dental 1000 and covers the same as the basic preventative plan but includes beyond just preventative care like restoration procedures. Tier three is the Cigna Dental 1500 that covers what the first two coverage plans cover plus a little Orthodontia coverage. There is also no deductible for x-rays and routine cleanings in network.

Cigna also has online services that allow you to check out and manage your claims as well as help 24/7.

United Healthcare

United Healthcare is the perfect plan for those who what or need immediate coverage as there is no waiting period on all four of the available senior dental coverage policies. These Gen Policies as United Health calls them, are all geared for seniors and senior benefits. Many of the policies allow for hearing and vision to be added on as a sort of bundle deal, which is very convenient. The first Gen Policy is the Gen Saver Dental plan and is the cheapest option for plans, the next two are Gen plus and Gen basic which are the more middle tier options, with finally the final tier being Gen Deluxe tier. Most basic services are covered on day one with a 6-month waiting period for IL and CT. One thing to remember though is this dental coverage does not work out of the United States except for emergencies, nor covers missing teeth prior to the coverage starting.


Since 1955 Aflac has been the top provider for flexible dental coverage, and its no different with senior dental coverage. Aflac is the most flexible due to its ability to allow the applicants to use any dentist of their choice while not restricting them to any one network. Claim reimbursements are directly paid to the plan owner not the dentist. This opens a nation-wide network of dentists for them to choose which is very convenient. Aflac does, however, have a couple draw backs to be familiar with such as wait times for things other than dental checkups and x rays. This such as pain-relief, dentures, or root canals can have multiple months waiting periods for coverage with dentures having the longest wait period of 24months.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental is one of the only dental coverage providers that have immediate coverage for more than just basic check-ups and x rays. They also have immediate coverage for denture repair, tooth extractions, fillings, and root canals. Delta Dental is offers coverage through AARP or on their own homesite online. This coverage plan is the best for value. Delta Dental caters to many senior and retiree customers by having a lot of helpful information and resources online. Delta Dental has two policies to pick from based on what your needs specifically are and has no annual max deductible.

It may seem hard to find or even navigate all the possibilities for senior dental coverage plans but there are many good ones to find. All the mentioned coverage providers are great for seniors with dental needs, just be sure to find one that suits them and their needs adequately for best results.


Humana is a nationwide insurance provider that offers coverage for medical, dental, vision, and medicaid. This insurance provider prides its service in offer affordable treatment options and preventative measures to make sure you don't pay too much. Humana is known for offering low office visit copays, budget friendly monthly premiums, and incredibly huge network of experienced medical providers.

Humana offers 3 different types of dental plans at this time including the Complete Dental, Loyalty Plus, and Preventative Value. Most Humana plans are effective within 5-7 business days of setup!

AARP Dental Coverage

While AARP is not an insurance provider, it can open up options to discounts on nationwide dental insurance providers like Delta Dental. Delta Dental currently offers the AARP Dental Insurance Plan that is administered by Delta Dental. Members can utilize individual and family dental coverage offered by Delta Dental for a reduced rate. In addition, AARP also unlocks multiple options for savings on dental services such as other various Dental PPO plans, prepaid dental plans (HMO), discount plans, and The Medical Dental Connection.

Does Medicare Cover Dental?

While it is unfortunate, Medicare does not cover basic routine dental services. There are different types of additional Medicare plans that can be purchased to cover dental procedures. One of these options is the Medicare Advantage plan. Most have to opt into a dental plan through a Medicare Advantage plan but the savings will outweigh the overall cost of trying to pay out of pocket for it all. For more information about Medicare and dental coverage for seniors, check out this helpful Medicare guide.