Hiring A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can assist your business in its daily tasks and specialized areas. Read more to find out how you can benefit from their services and the details of hiring a virtual assistant.

A Virtual Assistant or a VA is one of the most in demand positions in 2o22, prompting the question if you should hire one yourself. If you run a business, you may benefit from employing an assistant to perform routine services for you. In this way, you can devote attention and energy towards other critical business activities. In the case that you are considering hiring a virtual assistant in the near future, this guide will assist you in understanding the various services they provide, types of people who can benefit from their tasks, the advantages of their employment, and websites where you can find qualified virtual assistants.

Types of Virtual Assistant Services

The first step in hiring an assistant is to choose between a general virtual assistant and a specialized virtual assistant. A general virtual assistant is the standard, as they can perform a variety of basic administrative or clerical tasks to ensure your business is running smoothly. For instance, they typically will complete data entry, email handling, invoicing, market research, records of minutes, returning phone calls, amongst other general services that do not require a specialized knowledge or high-degree of skill. 

On the other hand, a specialized virtual assistant is proficient in a certain area or niche such as graphic design or social media management. If you are not immediately drawn to a certain type of assistant, you may wish to take note of all the activities you perform on a regular basis for your business; it is likely you could outsource the duties that do not require high proficiency. 

Who Uses A Virtual Assistant?

It may be helpful to know other types of people who benefit from hiring a dedicated virtual assistant. In general, entrepreneurs who have small businesses are interested in finding a virtual assistant; under this umbrella, you may see many different niches and sectors that typically have an abundance of paperwork such as accounting firms, contractors, marketing firms, and real estate agents or brokers. 

If you have various menial tasks that need to be completed, or you have a sector of your business that requires specialized, routine duties, having a virtual assistant aboard your team could make all the difference. Furthermore, since more businesses present on digital platforms, specialized virtual assistants can perform social media management as well. 

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant 

The most compelling evidence for hiring a virtual assistant is how easy they are to hire and onboard compared to hiring steady employees. You will not have to perform a long and costly process of recruiting and hiring. Most virtual assistants market themselves on freelancing websites or reply to job postings. Furthermore, once you have hired a virtual assistant, you will reap many benefits:

  • You will gain more energy and time to devote to important aspects of your business. 

  • You will be able to take advantage of others' experience and skill to perform select tasks. 

  • You will learn how to delegate tasks and to give clear and simple instructions. 

  • Virtual assistants do not need to be in your physical space as they work remotely. 

  • You can hire a virtual assistant that fits your needs exactly, as you are not limited to local talent. 

  • You can hire a virtual assistant to run tasks during the day, night, weekends, and holidays. 

  • General virtual assistants are inexpensive, compared to hiring an employee. 

Cost of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Naturally, the cost of hiring a virtual assistant may be a concern, especially for a small business. There are different elements that will factor into rate, including how many tasks and what kind of tasks you would like them to perform. As with any career choice, their experience and knowledge may play a role in their rate. On average, you can expect to pay between $10-40 per hour, however some virtual assistants will charge up to $100 per hour. That said, you can also hire a virtual assistant to work on a daily, weekly, or monthly flat rate rather than hourly, if it suits your business needs. 

Furthermore, if you choose to scout your virtual assistants through a freelancing platform, you may find cheaper services from assistants who are just starting to market themselves. It is recommended to interview and trial-run a virtual assistant in order to make sure he or she provides the skills and quality service you find necessary. Consider it a probationary period before making your final decision, and make certain that the person you select is aware that it is probationary. 

Where to Find a Virtual Assistant?

There are three ways to find an assistant that meets your needs: freelancing platforms, dedicated agencies, and job listing sites. A good strategy is to access and utilize all three of these. This gives you a wider selection from which to choose. 

Freelance Platforms: It is advantageous to browse freelancing websites as you will have access to a large pool of potential hires, offering a variety of services. Additionally, you can find qualified and skilled virtual assistants who are just starting to market themselves on these platforms, which means they will have affordable rates. Some of the most popular freelance platforms are Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and Zirtual

Virtual Assistant Agencies: By utilizing a virtual assistant agency, you will be able to find a qualified virtual assistant without going through the trouble of interviewing and ensuring they can perform the necessary tasks. There are many excellent staffing agencies such as MyOutDesk, PriorityVA, WoodBows, and 24/7 Virtual Assistant

Job Listings: Alternatively, you can create a job listing, detailing precisely what you need from a virtual assistant. Websites such as Indeed, FlexJobs, and Monster are exceptional places to start. In many of these places the applicants are vetted so you avoid scammers. Additionally, you can use social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook in order to find suitable virtual assistants.