Most Fuel Efficient Car Options

Gas prices have gone up since the pandemic lifted, but you still need to get where you are going. Find out more about the best cost-efficient MPG cars of 2022 here.

During the pandemic lockdown gas prices plummeted, but since the lockdown has been lifted gas prices have skyrocketed. Luckily, many car brands are making vehicles with excellent gas mileage, so you won’t have to empty your pockets filling your gas tank. 

Higher-end companies tend to make cars with more efficient gas mileage, but if you are on a budget there are plenty of well-made efficient vehicles in distribution from more moderately priced car brands such as Hyundai and Toyota. 

Many of the most gas efficient cars in circulation right now are gas-electric hybrid vehicles, which now come in all sizes and prices. Here is a list of the most gas-efficient cars of 2022, offering 50 miles-per-gallon or above. 

1. Toyota Prius 

Toyota started the move to hybrid-electric vehicles in the early 2000’s. The 2022 Toyota Prius gets 56 miles to the gallon and is the master of practical, gas-efficient vehicles. The 2022 Prius has a hatchback style with a spacious trunk, and a folding rear seat that folds flat to have a large space for cargo. The starting price for the Prius L Eco comes in at a reasonable $25,550 and is the most efficient version of the Prius models. 

The Prius package includes a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure alerts, lane tracing assistance, automatic high beams, radar cruise control, and a road sign assist system. The Prime Prius is a plug-in hybrid version that gets even better mileage and qualifies for federal EV incentives of up to $4,502. 

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2. Hyundai Ioniq 

The Hyundai Ioniq hybrid has great gas mileage per gallon at 60 mpg and is an affordable electric hybrid from the Hyundai brand. It has a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine and electric motor that produces 139 total horsepower. It also has a six-speed automatic transmission. This model is a standard style sedan that does not show off its efficiency in its design, with a spacious hatchback four-door layout. 

The Ioniq features an 8-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto connectivity. The prices for the Ioniq start at $24,405 making it an affordable option for a great standard sedan with incredible gas mileage efficiency. With the Hyundai Ioniq there is up to $7,500 in federal tax incentives with additional state incentives depending on your state. 

Browse Hyundai Ioniqs at the Hyundai website

3. Hyundai Elantra Hybrid

The Hyundai Elantra is a hybrid that comes in at 56 mpg, and it shares the same styling as its non-hybrid counterpart. The Elantra has an impressive 139-horsepower system output which is in close running with the gas-only Elantra. 

The Elantra Hybrid starts at under $25,000. It is equipped with blind-spot monitoring, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto connectivity like the Ioniq, as well as heated front seats, Bluelink Connected Car System, and hands-free trunk opening. The up level Limited Elantra version boasts a 10.25-inch touch screen infotainment system with built-in navigation for less than $30,000. 

Check out the Hyundai Elantra Hybrid in more detail here. 

4. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 

The Hyundai Sonata hybrid is a mid-sized sedan offering 54 miles per gallon with a combined system output of 192 horsepower. This makes for an estimated 686 miles on one tank of gas at the base Blue trim level. It is very spacious in the interior and can fit up to 5 adults comfortably. 

The standard features of the Sonata hybrid include an automatic emergency braking system, pedestrian detection, blind-spot warning, and collision prevention, an 8-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, and the price starts at just over $28,000. 

The SEL or Limited versions include larger wheels, wireless smartphone charging, solar cells that cool the interior when parked and can add 2 extra miles to your car’s gas efficiency per day, and the assist feature which can move the car in and out of parking spaces, but the mpg suffers mildly with these versions compared to the Blue version. 

You can learn more about the Hyundai Sonata hybrid at the Hyundai website

5. Toyota Camry Hybrid 

The Toyota Camry hybrid offers 53 miles per gallon and 208-horsepower. It is a bit more expensive than the regular Camry model, but with 30% savings on mpg it is a worthy option. The hybrid Camry offers LED headlights, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, a pre-collision system, automatic high beams, radar cruise control, road sign assistance, and lane assistance. 

The hybrid Camry prices start at about $28,000 and shares the same hybrid set-up as the Lexus ES 300h and Toyota Avalon Hybrid for a considerably cheaper price. 

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6. Toyota Corolla Hybrid 

Just like the Toyota Camry, the Corolla has been a popular model sedan from Toyota for years. Now with a hybrid version, the Corolla offers up to 53 mpg and a 121-horsepower system at a lower starting point than the Prius at just under $25,000. 

Available in just one version, the Corolla hybrid offers a Bluetooth system, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beam assistance, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, and lane departure warning. 

These features come on the gas-only Corolla model, which is $4,000 cheaper, but only gets 40 miles per gallon. Click here to explore more information about the Corolla Hybrid option. 

7. Honda Insight 

The Honda Insight is a hybrid that offers up to 52 miles per gallon. It is very similar to the Honda Civic Sedan. The Insight has 151-horsepower and has a low center of gravity, making it a sporty option for a great mpg car. 

Starting at about $26,000, the base Insight comes with LED headlights, forward collision warnings, automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, auto high beam assist, and automatic climate control. Upper trims have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, larger wheels, and leather upholstery. 

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